6 best cities for business graduate jobs.

  1. Leeds – jobs for business graduates. 
  2. Edinburgh – city of culture and enterprise. 
  3. Manchester – competitive business graduate jobs.
  4. Cambridge – a historical city with a new tech hub.
  5. Sheffield – green, affordable and plenty of opportunities.
  6. London – in demand business graduate jobs. 

Every recent business graduate knows that the competition for finding the right job can be fierce. With 14 million students graduating each year and only 82% finding employment, it’s important to maximise your chances of making the best career move.

Deciding which city to live post graduation or whether to move for a new job will not only affect your ability to find work, but your options for future career progression. It’s advisable to relocate to a city that has good entry level prospects for business graduates, as well as opportunities to develop. 

Quality of life is also important. A city with lots of opportunities is a good place to start, but there are other factors to consider such as average base salary versus the cost of living.

For example, earning £30,000 in London will have you pinching pennies, but almost everywhere else it allows for expendable income. Whether you’re on the path to becoming a Marketing Executive or Business Manager, below are six cities that are best for all types of business graduates.

1.    Leeds – jobs for business graduates. 

Leeds is the fastest growing city in the UK. The business sector in this bustling city is projected to grow by 20% over the next ten years, leading to plenty of business graduate jobs. Leeds salaries are extremely competitive due to the city’s high quality of living and the fact that it’s the most successful UK business hub outside of London.

2.    Edinburgh – city of culture and enterprise. 

According to GradTouch, Edinburgh has a reported 20% increase in jobs advertised in recent years, as more new and established businesses are opening their doors to junior members. It’s expanding job market makes Edinburgh the city with the lowest level of unemployment in the UK. You can expect to be paid similarly to London, and with lower living costs, it’s a no-brainer. The best areas for business graduates to find work in Edinburgh are renewable energy, technology and finance.

3.    Manchester – competitive business graduate jobs.

While salaries in Manchester usually aren’t as high as London, the cost of living is significantly lower and business graduates can expect to find employment in media, finance and even the fashion industry. With big companies like Google, the BBC and The Guardian having major headquarters in Manchester, there’s plenty of room for career progression and sector changes.

4.    Cambridge – a historical city with a new tech hub.

Cambridge is emerging as one of the best cities for graduates to work in. It’s relative closeness to London, open green pastures, historical town centre, and thriving student population means that more companies, especially in the technology sector, are moving their businesses into calmer Cambridge. Another selling point, it’s wages on average are second only to London. However, house prices aren’t much better.

5.    Sheffield – green, affordable and plenty of opportunities.

Sheffield might be the UK’s best kept secret. The average salary is around £25,000, rent and property is affordable, and the cost of city living is one of the lowest in England. Those looking to work in the financial and IT sector especially will discover plenty of opportunities for career progression here.

6.    London – in demand business graduate jobs. 

While the big smoke may be the instinctive choice for most business graduates, as we’ve seen London may not actually be the smartest city to move to for work. Of course, being headhunted by one of the big players in the city is every ambitious graduate’s dream, and with the number of jobs increasing from last year by 19%, London still makes the list of top cities to move for business graduates. Thinking of making the capital your next home? Our guide tells you where in the capital you're best suited.