Statistics have shown that those with computer degrees are some of the most employable people in the UK.

The information, which has been released by the Higher Education Authority, shows that degrees in computing – especially those at a post-graduate levels – mean that the person in question is more likely to find a job soon after graduating.

The report – What Do Graduates Do? The Class of 2012 – is the latest in a series of new studies aiming to determine the first destination of graduates nine months after they leave higher education. The statistics were gathered in March this year using data from careers offices in seven universities.

52% of level eight graduates – those with primary honours degrees – had found work, with 72% of those with level nine/ten qualifications – MAs and PHDs – also doing so.

The news, which follows on from the recent revelation that tech jobs are outstripping the general economy of the UK in terms of growth, comes as more jobs in the computing sector continue to be announced; indeed, Irish software company Diona Technologies has recently decided to open a new office in Dublin, with plans to hire 30 new staff.

The roles will include those in highly-skilled mobile technology fields, as well as general support staff.

The message for IT graduates is a clear one: the work is out there, waiting to be found. Anyone studying IT should begin to research roles as early as they can in order to obtain the necessary experience.