You’ve set your heart on becoming a teacher, you’ve got your qualified teacher status and you’re itching to get into the classroom and inspire the next generation of youngsters. But before you get there you need to find a job and you’re not going to land your dream role without a killer primary teacher CV showcasing your experience and achievements. Crafting a CV needn’t be a chore but you do need to make sure you include all the relevant information to stand the best chance of being called to interview.

What to include?

We’ve created a list of the things you must put on your CV. You don’t have to write reams –the best CVs are no more than two sides of A4 – but make sure every word you write really does count. Here’s the basic structure you should follow: 

  • Professional summary
  • Professional qualifications
  • Academic qualifications
  • Key Skills Work experience
  • Relevant hobbies and interests


List what qualifications you have gained and where. If you hold a degree, include details of it, your degree classification and where you earned it. If you undertook Initial Teaching Education Training explain where and when. Include any professional qualifications you’ve got, either in addition to teacher training or during continuous professional development. Don’t forget to mention your A-Levels and grades as well as how many GCSEs you have achieved. As you gain more experience these will become less important but if you’re just starting out, then make sure they’re included.

Placements/previous jobs.

You need to list your work experience in chronological order, starting with the most recent first with where you worked and dates. Under each entry include key responsibilities you had, any skills or experience you gained and any achievements. Bullet points make it nice and easy for hiring managers to see your experience at a glance. Don’t worry if this is your first time applying for a primary teacher role but do make sure to list your placements, and what you did or learned, in the same way.

Additional interests/hobbies.

Should you include what you do in your spare time or not? Well, the answer is yes and no. It’s fine to include some stuff – it helps to build a more rounded picture about you – but you should really only mention hobbies relevant to the post. For example, if you help out with a local football team or youth club, then write about it – interests like that can demonstrate leadership, responsibility and communication skills. However, if your main activity is socialising or going to the cinema it’s probably best to leave them off.

Remember, a primary teacher CV is ultimately there to promote your uniqueness and why you’re the best person for the job – so make sure you tell them just how well suited and professional you really are.