Sales assistant jobs can vary hugely, whether in a high street shop or selling business products to other companies over the phone. One thing all sales assistant roles have in common is a need for candidates to be excellent communicators, to enjoy interacting with people, and to have the ability to close sales effectively. When writing a CV for a sales position, it is important to highlight these skills and any other relevant experience.

This article explains how to craft the perfect CV for sales assistant roles.

Employers will not necessarily be looking for reams and reams of experience when recruiting for sale assistant jobs; instead, they will want to see evidence of the core skills required for success, which are enthusiasm, charisma and a positive attitude. Sales skills can be acquired at a later date.

As with any job application, a formal CV will be required, which should neatly introduce the potential employer to the your skills, experience and values.

Formatting and structure.

The CV should be no longer than two sides of A4 and should be clearly laid out in a legible font, making use of bullet points to summarise information. A variety of CV templates are available free of charge on the internet.

The CV itself should begin with the candidate's contact details and name, with a short paragraph below this titled 'Personal Profile'. This should explain your current career position and give an insight into your ambitions for the future.

Underneath this you should use bullet points to detail the previous experience you have gained, explaining why these previous positions have helped to prepare you for the role you are applying for.

Check out our sales recruiter's top CV writing tip in this short clip:

The next section should be used to list educational achievements, with the most recent listed first. You can then choose to include a brief summary of other achievements and skills you have, information about your interests, and details of any references you wish to include; it is acceptable to simply write 'references available on request'.

It is always worth starting from scratch when writing a CV for a position. Employers are used to receiving rehashed and recycled CVs, so can sniff them out immediately.


As already mentioned, direct sales experience is not necessarily required for these positions, although it will obviously help. If you have any experience in roles with related skill requirements, these should definitely be included in the CV; for example, if an you have previously worked in a call centre as a customer service advisor, you will have experience in dealing with customers, interacting with them positively and working to create positive outcomes. These will be invaluable skills in a sales assistant role.

If you are applying for seasonal temporary work as a sales assistant at a high street shop, it is often a good idea to highlight the fact that you are available to work any shift, as most companies are looking for extremely flexible workers during this period.