Many people find the process of applying for a sales job a little daunting. Individuals, who are used to confidently selling products or services, suddenly have to convincingly sell themselves and their own skills. Some individuals struggle with this change of dynamic, and create a poor impression of themselves, or undersell their abilities as a result. This article will explain the best way to create an effective and attractive sales CV.

General tips

A well-crafted CV is one of the best ways to catch the attention of any potential employer. The CV will be used to make a snap decision on whether to offer an interview or not, so it's essential to spend time and effort writing a new document whenever submitting a new application. Recycling an old CV is rarely a good idea, and simply indicates laziness to an employer. Instead, the applicant should take a good look at the job's key skills and experience requirements, before using these as a guide. This will help them to create a CV that clearly demonstrates how the candidate is a good fit for the position. Making reference to previous occasions where the individual has overcome similar challenges to those that the new position is likely to present will also add authority to a CV. It's best to avoid making a CV too long, however, as most employers like to scan through them looking for key information. Using bullet points, and keeping the document to two sides of A4 as a maximum, is advisable.

The sales CV

The key to being successful at sales in general is to be confident - in order to create an impression of knowledge and authority - but to avoid drifting into arrogance, which alienates prospects. Conducting the right amount of research is essential, and understanding exactly what the other party wants and needs is also crucial. When applying for a sales job, exactly the same principals apply. It is, of course, essential to mention past achievements and experience, but too much self-praise will come across as ugly. Employers will be looking for individuals who are excellent communicators, and who have the ability to establish rapport quickly with people from all backgrounds.

Our sales recruiters outline their number one CV writing tip below:

Previous experience

Any previous experience working in sales should be one of the first things written on the CV, as this will show that the individual has many of the skills required. It's also worth mentioning experience in other fields, however, and then relating them to the position being applied for. Many other jobs require a skill set that can easily be transferable to a sales environment. For example, anyone who has previously worked in a call centre, handling customer complaints, is likely to have excellent phone skills, and the ability to resolve customer problems in a positive manner. Even activities and interests outside work can tell employers a great deal about strength of character, and whether the individual is likely to be a good fit for their organisation. Captaining a local sports team, for example, will imply that the candidate has leadership, teamwork and communication skills.