An office environment can be a thoroughly enjoyable and stimulating place to work for everyone at an organisation – but only if everything is functioning correctly. Behind-the-scenes, at every office in the UK, there are one or more office assistants, who work tirelessly to guarantee the office's smooth functioning. Their key task is to effectively grease the cogs of the organisation, and make it as simple as possible for others to do the jobs they're being paid for. Office admin assistants tend to have a varied and interesting array of day-to-day tasks to complete, and people in these roles are fully immersed in the company and its various operations. This article will explain everything candidates need to know about admin roles.

Day to day admin assistant activities.

Few office roles are as varied as that of an admin assistant. People in these roles are usually required to act as something of a jack-of-all-trades - dipping their toes into all of the different areas and departments within the business. Most admin assistant roles involve some telephone work - answering calls from customers and potential clients – and they usually involve ensuring the office is stocked up with all the right equipment. Frequently, individuals in these positions will work closely with managers and executives to provide them with assistance - whether that be note taking in important meetings, or appointment scheduling. Other common jobs assigned to office assistants include minor DIY tasks, organising staff events and entering data into systems.

These roles can be tricky to firmly define, simply because there are so many different variations. The responsibilities of two people working in admin assistant roles can be very diverse, depending on the individual companies they work for, and the specific needs of each office. Some companies will employ an office admin to effectively act as a receptionist, while others will want to get the individual more actively involved in tasks like data entry and business analysis. The job description will usually make clear what roles the successful candidate is likely to be responsible for, so consulting this is a good place to start when considering whether an individual's experience will be relevant to the role.

Growth potential for admin assistants.

Growth potential in these positions is more promising than many people imagine. While there is often limited opportunity for direct progression, many effective admin assistants - who manage to demonstrate their worth to the company that employs them - are moved to other, more senior roles. As an example, an admin assistant who shines may be offered a role as personal assistant to the chief executive. Admin assistants need to work hard to stand out, and visibly demonstrate why they are so important to the fabric of the company that employs them. The opportunity to try different tasks, and soak up experience from right across the business, is often a good opportunity for candidates, and many find that an interest in a particular area of business is sparked after working as an office assistant. Depending on the company, office admin roles can be very well paid, and incredibly satisfying for the individuals fulfilling them.