what is a customer service administrator?

A customer service administrator is a supervisory role within a company or industry that involves working with customers. Many different industries have administrator positions, and depending on the industry, the exact duties may differ, but the focus on the customer experience is the same. As a customer service administrator, your job is to make sure customer interactions with the organisation are positive and leave them satisfied. You will take customer phone calls, respond to their inquiries and complaints, and assist them with completing their order, all while remaining polite and professional. Being a customer service administrator is a great job for anyone who likes working with people, helping to solve problems, and communicating with others.

a face for the company

Customer service administrators perform an important job in every business and represent the company in their daily duties. Since service is vital to increasing customer satisfaction, your job is essential to the overall success of the company. You fulfil the role of helping customers receive the help and support they need when working with your company or product. This assistance can involve:

  • Answering their questions
  • Responding to their complaints
  • Helping to complete their order
  • Finding solutions if the product they need is unobtainable]
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average salary of a customer service administrator

Customer service administrators earn an average hourly rate of between £11 and £13 per hour. Annual salaries average around £20,000 per year. Different businesses may have additional job training and performance raises and bonuses to result in making more money over time. There can also be higher roles to advance to from the customer service administrator position.


types of customer service administrators

Virtually every industry that provides goods or services for consumers has a role for a customer service administrator. You are basically a middleperson between the consumer and the company, in order to make sure customer needs are met, and they are satisfied with their product or service. This is typically clerical work in an office setting, but depending on how the customer service department is structured, you may focus more in one area than the others. The focus areas may be managing the phones and email accounts to field customer inquiries and complaints, taking customer orders by phone, email, or in person, or promoting sales by acknowledging the selling points in order to promote discounts or sales to reach goals.


working as a customer service administrator

When you work as a customer service administrator, your duties will include all aspects of taking care of the company's customers. Your primary focus will be to manage a satisfactory experience for all the consumers who interact and work with your company. The sales industry is strong, and companies want to create and retain loyal customers, so the focus on good customer service is strong.

Female with blue headphones around her neck looking at a screen
Female with blue headphones around her neck looking at a screen

education & qualifications

Many customer service admin roles are entry level and do not require any specific qualifications. This can vary from industry and organisation, however training on the job is always provided. In many cases, prior experience in customer service or in an administrative position is recommended. 

two colleagues having a conversation with tablet in front of them
two colleagues having a conversation with tablet in front of them


FAQs about working as a customer service administrator.


working with Randstad as a customer service administrator

If you are a people person, being a customer service administrator will be an interesting and fulfilling job for you. This is a position that gives you the opportunity to focus on other people and help them to have positive interactions with your company and its products or services. You may be able to have some flexibility in your work schedule and hours, which is a positive element if you have school or family you need to schedule your work hours around.

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