what is a driving instructor?

A driving instructor is someone who helps someone learn how to drive. When you think of this position, you probably picture a high school teacher assisting teenagers. However, the reality is that there are actually many different types of driving instructors. Many work outside the educational system and instead work for private companies. Driving instructors may teach multiple ages of students, including teens, adults, and seniors.

what does a driving instructor do?

A driving instructor's job is to educate people about safe driving procedures. In this position, you'll typically provide both theoretical and hands-on instruction. The classroom portion of training includes presentations, lectures, tests, and other assignments that give students the necessary knowledge. Students will then practice your instructions in a real vehicle. Instructors teach on public roads as well as driving courses. Driving instructors teach students about the rules of the road, common driving laws, driving safety, and more. Their primary goals are to help students pass official driving tests and become safe, licensed drivers.

driving instructor jobs

average salary of driving instructor

Driving instructors make an average salary of anywhere between £15,000 and £30,000 per year. While most jobs pay driving instructors on an hourly basis, others offer salary wages. There can be quite a bit of difference in salaries, though. 


types of driving instructor

People classify driving instructors based on the type of organisation they work for.


working as a driving instructor

The typical day for a driving instructor contains all sorts of interesting challenges and student interactions. Here are some things you can expect to encounter while working as a driving instructor.

driving instructor job description

Your duties will vary a little depending on what type of organisation you work for. All driving instructors have the same main responsibility of teaching students to drive a car. However, every instructor has their own methods.


work schedule

The typical driving instructor is teaching full-time for 40 or more hours a week. There are also plenty of part-time jobs available that offer between 15 to 30 hours a week. The amount of time you spend at work typically depends on how many lessons you teach per week.

job outlook

The driving instructor career field is very promising. Employment for driving instructors is likely to increase at about 10% faster rate than the national average. This means you can have more job opportunities and more chances to find desirable jobs.

job growth opportunities

Once you become a driving instructor, your growth opportunities are somewhat limited. Typically, the driving instructor job position is the highest possible option in this field. Part-time employees will have opportunities to advance to full-time positions, but, often, that is the only available promotion. You will have more job growth opportunities if you are willing to get extra training and develop more skills. Those who learn how to drive commercial vehicles will see a more lucrative position as a CDL instructor, and those who learn business and management skills can potentially operate their own driving academies.


education & qualifications

Qualifications vary based on the employer. Some companies are willing to train instructors themselves whereas others want you to arrive with a background in teaching driving. It is fairly common for job postings to ask that instructors have at least three years of experience. Often, more experience makes you a more qualified candidate who can earn a higher salary.



FAQs about working as a driving instructor.


working with randstad as a driving instructor

If you like cars and like teaching others, driving instructor will be a great profession for you. This career does not require a lot of specialised instruction, and it provides a decent wage. Driving instructors are in demand, so you can typically find plenty of open job positions to choose from. If you get extra training or experience, you can gain a higher-paying position as a driving instructor. In addition to the financial benefits, being a driving instructor can be fun and rewarding. You get to work with students, helping them to explore new topics and to learn useful skills. When you do your job right, your students will get valuable skills that will help them travel, get jobs, and keep themselves and others safe on the road. As a driving instructor, your job will ultimately help prevent life-threatening accidents.

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