Just like doctors, dentists and teachers – people to fill recruitment consultant jobs are always in high demand. Whether there’s a recession or an economic boom, people always need jobs and access to expert career advice. This makes recruitment big business offering superb financial and career rewards….and it’s no longer a best-kept secret.

Unlike so many other industries, you don’t need a degree or direct experience to thrive in this sector. It’s attracting a new breed of talent who are flocking to recruitment to propel their career forward and boost their bank balance.

Working in recruitment from different industries

Outbound call centre employees

Call centre employees with a year’s experience under their belts are migrating to recruitment. Having honed their phone and sales skills, the call centre role can eventually prove both repetitive and restricting for those with big ambitions and even bigger bills to pay. Many employees, from mobile phone retailers to PPI telephone personnel, are attracted to trainee recruitment consultant schemes. These training programmes offer a spring-board for self-starters who are able to quickly progress through the ranks by securing fast-track promotions accompanied by attractive pay packets. 


Whilst recruitment consultants don’t have to dodge bullets, they do have to think on their feet, adapt quickly in different environments and follow many critical compliance processes. It’s easy to see how the skills gained in the forces can provide a successful and fulfilling career in recruitment. On top of the generous salary and benefits package, many ex-armed forces personnel are also drawn to the big global brands. Always eager to broaden their career horizons, international development opportunities and global mobility prove highly attractive.

Car salespeople

Confident and sales hungry car sales executives are increasingly switching cars for careers.  These driven individuals are known to be self-motivated, persistent and target focused – making them prime candidates for a successful role in recruitment.  Their high energy levels and enthusiasm make used car salespeople perfectly suited to the temporary recruitment market where speed is of the essence. New and luxury car sales experts have superb customer service skills, helping them to forge strong relationships in the perm sector.

Estate agents

With customers lining up to purchase their house, a buyer’s market should be an estate agent’s best friend. But what if a lack of properties is restricting your commission? This is one of the main reasons estate agents are up-sizing their careers by moving to recruitment.  With uncapped earning potential and a fast-flowing pipeline of clients and candidates, there’s huge earning potential from day one.


Anyone with a competitive streak thrives in the fast-paced sales environment that recruitment offers.  Each month recruitment consultants are racing towards targets and hoping to accelerate past last week’s top biller. Some recruiters also have sporting alliances making them highly appealing as an employer. Specialist recruiter, Randstad, is partner to Williams Martini Racing for example.