Think you know everything about trainee recruitment consultant jobs…think again. Randstad dispels some of the biggest myths surrounding the world of recruitment and highlights why the world of work is a great place for talented individuals to kick-start a successful, rewarding and fulfilling career. 

Myth 1: You won't earn much as a trainee 
Wrong! Unlike so many other industries, you can make a lot of money at a very early stage in your career. Not only will you receive a competitive basic salary and generous benefits but many recruiters, such as Randstad, also offer an uncapped bonus too. This means you can boost your basic £18k - £23k salary to up to £35k when you hit your sales target in your first year.  

Myth 2: Only graduates need apply 
You don’t need to have a degree to secure a role as a trainee recruitment consultant. In a sales environment, it’s your attitude and ambition that really counts. In fact, speak to any large recruiter and you’ll soon find that many of their senior managers didn’t go to university. They’re driven, competitive, and tenacious people who have rolled up their sleeves, picked up the phones and worked their way up the career ladder. 

Myth 3: You need recruitment experience 
This is music to many people’s ears: you don’t need recruitment experience to apply. What’s more important is that you can demonstrate that you’re ambitious, proactive and self-motivated. You might be a competitive sportsperson or you’ve started developing customer service and sales skills during a weekend or part-time job.

Myths about trainee recruitment consultant jobs busted

If you’ve worked in a high street retailer, phone shop or call centre, you’d be surprised how much this can help you to get ahead in recruitment. 

Myth 4: You’ll be locked into a one or two year scheme 
Trainee recruitment schemes tend to be much more flexible than traditional graduate managements schemes that can require a two-year commitment. You can still expect a thorough induction, mentor and training programme but your career will progress as quickly as your ambition and success. Everyone is unique but, if you hit your targets, you could be promoted to a consultant within 9 – 12 months. 

Myth 5: You’ll be stuck behind a desk all day – every day.
At the beginning of your career expect to be busy making lots of calls at your desk.  As the months progress, you’ll find yourself attending more client meetings, industry and networking events and social gatherings. You’ll also find that a career as a trainee with a big recruiter can offer lots of mobility in the long-term, from moving to different parts of the country to joining international teams. Big recruiters have offices across the globe, from London to Hong Kong and Sydney to Dubai.

If you’re interested in exploring a career in recruitment, sign up to one of Randstad’s Taste Recruitment events. Find out about all the big financial benefits, the support you’ll enjoy as a trainee recruitment consultant and what you can expect and when. You could even receive a job offer within 48 hours of the event.  With trainee recruitment consultant jobs available at Randstad now, it’s a great way to fast-track to a job offer.