Without the guidance of national pay scales that teachers and other government sector jobs, such as nursing, use to determine salary brackets, understanding a Teaching Assistant’s salary expectations can be a bit confusing. There are several factors which can affect the rate of pay for a TA, including the applicant’s level of experience; whether the position includes working with SEN students; the type of school and their funding potential; whether the contract is casual, part-time or permanent; and, of course, location. But is it really worth moving to secure a better salary?

Teaching assistant salary information.

Factors that can affect a teaching assistant’s salary:

  • The type of contract (casual, part-time, permanent
  • Level of experience of the TA 
  • The type of school (academy, comprehensive, grammar, public) and 

Their individual level and access to funding:

  • Primary or Secondary Education
  • SEN or ESL specialist needs
  • Location

How much does location affect a teaching assistant’s salary? 

Of course, for fully qualified teachers there are clearly defined pay brackets, which increase each year, to offset high rents for those working in the fringe and inner-city of London – the same is not the case for teaching assistants. The Teacher’s Union states that TA’s ought to be on a limited pay scale from £13,600 - £15,900 – but the figures on the ground show that’s not always the case. Even in inner-city London, the salary can vary as widely as from £50 - 80 per day, which translates to roughly £13,000 to £20,000 per year. Outside of London, that pay rate can fall dramatically.

Is it worth moving to London?

It’s not the case that inner-city London offers all the highest paid teaching assistant jobs. Areas with high demand, such as other major cities, disadvantaged areas or extremely rural locations, will also offer a competitive salary. If you are worried about your current rate of pay, a more effective way to increase your salary would be to join a Teachers Union. Unions will help you to negotiate the best wage for you in your current area, so you won’t need to go through the lengthy process of moving to secure a better wage.

Thinking of moving forward in your career?

Finally, as a teaching assistant, you are equipped with plenty of skills and classroom experience, which puts you on the path to become a fully qualified teacher. NQT’s salaries begin at a minimum of £22,917 with a clear pathway for progression. If you feel you are ready to make the next step in your career, find out more about teaching salaries and career pathways on Randstad’s career hub today.