what is a maths teacher?

As a maths teacher, you usually work with primary or secondary-level students. Most math teachers work with adolescents, teaching them a broad range of mathematical concepts like statistics, algebra and geometry. Your job is to engage students and assist them in performing mathematical calculations. As well as creating lesson plans, you develop assessment tools to test your students. Your lesson plans and assessments should match the learning styles of the students. Since you handle diverse groups of students, it's important to adjust your teaching techniques to match their needs.

Maths can be challenging to grasp, but it is an important part of the national curriculum. Being passionate and enthusiastic helps your students enjoy the subject. Developing an interesting teaching style to help students understand complex maths problems is also crucial. You can use a hands-on approach and unique teaching methodologies to help your students.

Would working as a maths teacher suit your interest in maths and passion for helping young learners? Then read on to find out what competencies and qualifications you need to thrive in a maths teacher role.

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average maths teacher salary

According to ONS, the average salary of a maths teacher in the United Kingdom is £36,400 per year. When you are new to the role, your starting salary is £31,338 annually. As you improve your skills and experience, your compensation package increases gradually to over £46,800 per year.

how to boost your salary as a maths teacher

Your level of experience, qualifications and the type of school you work in are the major factors in increasing your salary. You could consider improving your qualifications by completing a postgraduate course to improve your teaching skills and boost your chances for promotion. Apart from qualifications, you can develop your skills by taking up other roles in the school system.

The type and location of the school also influence your earnings. You are likely to earn more when you work in independent schools, as they set their own salaries. State schools have fixed salaries, which are usually lower than private schools. Schools in large cities pay more due to the high demand for teachers and the high cost of living in cities. That means you can increase your salary by moving to a larger city like London.


types of maths teachers

Some of the types of maths teachers include:

  • primary maths teacher: as a primary maths teacher, you teach pupils at Key Stages 1 and 2. Your job is to introduce basic mathematical concepts to students according to the national curriculum. As the pupils progress to higher levels, they need a well-rounded knowledge of fundamental mathematics.
  • secondary maths teacher: as a secondary maths teacher, you teach students aged between 11 and 16. You help your students learn advanced mathematics using various teaching methods recommended in the curriculum.

working as a maths teacher

Working as a maths teacher is an exciting career that requires in-depth knowledge of mathematical techniques. If you'd like to work as a maths teacher, here are the duties, work environments and career outlook.


education and skills

To become a maths teacher, you require the following academic qualifications:

  • undergraduate degree: after completing GCSEs and A-Levels, pursue a degree in your maths specialism or complete an undergraduate degree to become a secondary or primary school teacher. Undergraduate degree programmes for maths teachers cover post-secondary maths concepts and English. Teaching degrees award you qualified teacher status (QTS).
  • postgraduate certificate: you can opt to study for an undergraduate degree in mathematics, then take a postgraduate teaching qualification to gain QTS. A postgraduate certificate of education (PGCE) helps you learn teaching methodologies and curriculum frameworks, and QTS qualifies you to teach in state schools in the UK.
  • experiential routes: prospective maths teachers can complete their teaching qualifications and gain QTS through the school direct programme. You get paid and gain valuable classroom experience when you study while working in a school. You can also improve your skills by receiving support from mentors and experienced teachers. Alternatively, newly-qualified teachers (NQTs) can gain experience in entry-level positions as they learn the ropes and progress to more senior roles.

maths teacher skills and competencies

Some of the qualities and skills necessary for the role include:

  • willingness to learn: as a maths teacher, it is important to be a lifelong learner. Whether you have a PhD or an undergraduate degree, being a lifelong learner helps you keep up with changing teaching methodologies. In addition, you learn new concepts and mathematical fields to improve your career options.
  • passion for the subject: as a maths teacher, your love for and enjoyment of teaching your subject communicates itself to your students. When you are enthusiastic, even pupils who dislike maths will start enjoying maths lessons.
  • patience: as a maths teacher, approaching the subject with patience helps students who are anxious about maths. It's possible that the first time you introduce a concept, students won't understand it. Patience enables you to present new concepts in different ways to help your students grasp them.
  • problem-solving skills: since mathematics is all about problem-solving, it is important to impart knowledge on solving problems. Problem-solving skills also help you teach maths. For instance, you can find creative ways to teach complicated concepts and processes.
  • communication skills: as a maths teacher, excellent communication skills enable you to teach maths concepts successfully. Being a good communicator helps you explain mathematical concepts in simple language that learners can understand.
Teacher in class
Teacher in class

FAQs about working as a maths teacher

Here, you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the profession of a maths teacher.

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