what is a pharmacy assistant?

A pharmacy assistant works in a pharmacy alongside a pharmacist and pharmacy technicians. As a pharmacy assistant, your main role is to work under the pharmacist in whatever capacity best helps the pharmacy. You will help assist customers, find answers to their questions, manage their electronic health records, and process their prescriptions. Also known as pharmacy aides, pharmacy assistants also perform clerical tasks and paperwork in the pharmacy. You will reorder and restock medications, receive deliveries, and run the cash register for customers to purchase their prescriptions. Read on for more information about the requirements to become a pharmacy assistant. You will also learn how much to expect for your salary, what the work environment is like, what tasks you will perform, and how to apply for a job as a pharmacy assistant.

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average salary of a pharmacy assistant

A pharmacy assistant working full-time hours makes a median annual income of over £18,005 - £19,337. Pharmacy assistants are paid on a rising scale within defined pay bands, according to their skills and responsibilities. If you have experience, your annual income could be between £19,737 - £21,142. You can work part-time as a pharmacy assistant as well.


types of pharmacy assistants

A pharmacy assistant has some of the same responsibilities as a pharmacy technician, but these are two different jobs. You will have many important responsibilities in your role as a pharmacy assistant. You may primarily perform tasks like counting medications, labeling them, and restocking shelves. Alternatively, you may perform mostly administrative tasks like doing computer work, answering the phone, maintaining electronic files, and operating the cash register. As a pharmacy assistant, you can continue to work your way up the ladder by becoming a dispensing assistant or a supervisor. You can even go on to complete more training and become a pharmacy technician.


working as a pharmacy assistant

Pharmacy assistants are very important in the pharmacy setting. With so many different working parts and necessary tasks in the pharmacy, they are like the oil that keeps it running smoothly. The numerous duties you perform allow the pharmacy to operate efficiently and effectively. Being a pharmacy assistant also allows you to have a part in helping people. By assisting pharmacists with pharmacy needs like ordering and dispensing prescription medications, keeping the shelves fully stocked with medications, and maintaining customers' electronic files, you help create an easier experience for everyone who uses the pharmacy. You will work directly with patients to help them through the process of having their prescriptions filled. Tasks will include answering patients' questions, processing their orders, and checking them out at the register. Having an integral role in the healthcare field is very rewarding.

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education & qualifications

To become a pharmacy assistant, there are no set entry requirements, but most employers will expect good literacy, numeracy, and IT skills. Experience in a customer service role would be an advantage.

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Pharmacies are a type of retail business that will continue to be necessary in our society. People rely on prescription medications for many different reasons, and we will always need pharmacies in order to get them. Being a pharmacy assistant is a great career to get into if you enjoy helping others, working alongside a small group of people, and being responsible for handling important job duties.

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