sap consultant job description.


SAP consultants may have a variety of roles depending on the sector in which they are operating. For example, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship marketing (CRM) in the telecoms sector require consultants who are technical specialists, and who therefore have significant experience of the SAP ICM suite covering configuration, design and implementation, migration and technical support.

SAP consultant jobs remain highly desirable, and with the IT sector continuing to thrive, there’s never been a better time to look for job in this area.

What does an SAP consultant do?

Systems, applications and products in data processing, otherwise known as SAP, enables businesses across the globe to maximise their profits, to continuously adapt to market changes and thus sustain growth. SAP is clever software that empowers organisations and individuals to work together more efficiently and to be more effective in employing business insights that help companies to stay ahead of the competition.

SAP consultants make the most of this smart software and their experience of it, bringing their specialist knowledge to companies that need their specific expertise. As a long-established recruiter in the IT sector, we are acutely aware that demand for SAP jobs is high as companies seek to manage their businesses more efficiently. 

SAP job titles and descriptions.

In life sciences, an SAP project manager may be required to identify schedules for the completion of projects, negotiate terms and assemble the resources required to deliver the desired outcomes. Strategic development can encompass estimates of staffing required, risk assessment and resources allocation.

If there is a project team, the SAP consultant will provide leadership, establishing roles, assigning duties and coordinating activities. Monitoring budgets, including actual versus planned expenditure in particular, is also a typical requirement of SAP project managers.

SAP consultants are employed in a wide range of areas, including administration, customer services departments and the role is also common contact centres. There are jobs in multi-stream business environments, including construction, accountancy and financial analysis. Knowledge and experience of SAP is also a common requirement of positions dealing with payroll and human resources management, production management, planning and in supply chain roles.

Qualifications, skills and attributes of successful SAP consultants.

In most cases, details of accredited SAP training or certification are required. Successful SAP consultants are able to communicate effectively and to explain precisely to business and technical audiences how SAP ICM best practice works.

They often also offer support and technical knowledge for the development of SAP ICM tenders and presentations to major stakeholders.

SAP consultants will work across a range of industries. SAP Financial Consultants for example require a knowledge of tariffs, interfaces, commissions, revenue share, auto and manual adjustments and impact on invoicing may be required. Specific additional knowledge might encompass mitigating business impacts during migration and dealing with any other issues relating to enterprise scale migrations or implementations.

Randstad Technologies' consultants are highly trained and experienced professionals who have considerable experience of acting as an employment business in relation to SAP posts. They have gained a strong track record of success by accurately assessing the qualifications, skills and experience of each candidate and matching the needs of employers to potential employees for the best results.