what is a telesales executive?

When you are a telesales executive, you sell your company's products over the phone. Your primary goal is to boost revenue through telephone sales. That means you should be a good negotiator with a deep understanding of the product features. Aside from selling products, you drum up advertisements and inform customers of available discounts.

Apart from generating income through sales, telesales executives manage client accounts and maintain good relationships with customers. It is your job to remind clients to renew their orders or inform them of current deals. The management monitors your calls and pitches since large sums of money are often in play, making a significant difference in the company's annual revenue.

what does a telesales executive do?

Many people often confuse telesales with telemarketing, but they differ. Telesales executives aim to encourage repeat business and support field sales representatives by setting up appointments. On the other hand, telemarketing takes a broader scope by using phone calls to build interest, produce leads and get customer feedback. Telemarketers create sales prospects while telesales executives convert the prospects into sales and repeat buyers.

Would working as a telesales executive suit your persuasion and negotiation skills? Then read on to find out what competencies and qualifications you need to thrive in a telesales executive role.


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average salary of a telesales executive

The average salary of a telesales executive is £18,719 per year, according to ONS. However, some earn as low as £16,000 annually, while others earn over £24,000. Apart from the basic salary, many companies provide lucrative bonuses for achieving targets or bringing in big clients. You will also receive allowances and numerous benefits.

how to increase your salary as a telesales executive

The amount you earn as a telesales executive depends on many factors. For instance, the geographical location can increase or reduce your salary due to regional pay gaps. Working in London boosts your compensation package compared to working in small cities. The industry sector also influences your pay and affects the bonuses you receive. If you are a telesales executive for financial or insurance products, your compensation package is higher than telesales agents in customer services.

You will earn more in a company that provides commissions if you close multiple deals or generate additional leads. If the commissions are uncapped, your salary will increase significantly. Educational qualifications also increase your salary by boosting your chances of promotion to specialised sales roles with better wages.


Woman working on her desktop computer. China. Primary color: blue.
Woman working on her desktop computer. China. Primary color: blue.

types of telesales executives

As a telesales executive, you can perform general duties in telesales or specialise in specific areas such as:

  • outbound telesales executive: as an outbound telesales executive, your job is to contact potential customers by phone and create interest in your employer's product. You also reach out to the leads generated to close deals or assist them with the purchase process.
  • inbound telesales executive: when you are an inbound telesales agent, your role is to receive calls from prospective clients who want additional information on the products you sell. Existing customers can also call to place an order or make inquiries about a purchase.


working as a telesales executive

Get a clear picture of working as a telesales executive by discovering the career's daily tasks and work schedule.



education and skills

Becoming a telesales executive does not require educational qualifications, but they can propel your career. Some of the entry routes into the career include:

  • college: you need a few GCSEs with passing grades 9 to 4 in Maths and English since your work involves a lot of communication and numbers. You can pursue Business and Technology Education Council (BTEC) Level 2-3 in sales or City & Guilds Level 3 in sales. Telesales executives also complete diploma courses in business administration, finance and retail.
  • degree: if you want to improve your competitiveness in sales, a foundation degree and undergraduate degree can boost your chances. For a telesales executive position, you should pursue a degree in marketing, sales or business management. It is possible to get a job in telesales with a degree in any field. For instance, a science degree gets you a telesales job in the sales department of a pharmaceutical company.
  • work experience: as a telesales executive, you need work experience to convince your potential employer to hire you. Internships and volunteering work can showcase your skills and make you competitive.

skills and competencies

In telesales, your skills and passion will improve your career prospects. Some of the transferable skills you need include:

  • communication skills: as a telesales executive, you need expertise in striking and maintaining meaningful conversations with prospective buyers. It is crucial to understand verbal cues and customer tone and adjust your voice to build rapport. Communication skills help you explain complex product features in simple terms. Being an active listener also helps you understand customers' concerns and adjust your services to boost satisfaction.
  • interpersonal skills: when you are a telesales executive, you need emotional intelligence and empathy to create rapport over the phone. Collaborating with other sales agents also helps you increase revenue.
  • negotiation abilities: as a telesales executive, you need to meet sales quotas. That means you persuade customers to buy your employer's products and convince current clients to order more. Your negotiation skills help you convince buyers to purchase your products and deal with complaints and customers' concerns.
  • using telephone and computer systems: aside from taking calls, you need to be an expert in customer relationship management (CRM) software.

Man and woman having a conversation
Man and woman having a conversation


FAQs about working as a telesales executive

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