As one of the fastest growing and technologically innovative sectors in the economy, the telecoms industry is constantly in need of high calibre managers, developers and testers for its product and service development. Randstad Technologies is ideally placed to help candidates at all levels to find telecoms jobs, working closely with major companies to find the brightest and best employees available.

There are four main job categories where the top telecoms companies are looking for employees, either on a full-time or freelance project basis, and these are explained in detail below. Telecoms companies use fixed and mobile technologies for transmission of data through telephones and complex computer networks, and the sector also includes radio and television.

"they will also be expected to be good people managers"

Project Manager jobs

Project managers play a key role in the success or otherwise of a project. Managers need to be highly motivated and extremely effective in terms of planning, executing and finalising a project, and will usually have to meet strict deadlines and come in within budget.

A project manager needs a high level of skills and will know about communications, networking and engineering. They will also be expected to be good people managers and have experience in managing teams that may include technical staff, designers, engineers and other managers.

Project managers will usually be expected to have a bachelor’s degree or higher in an IT subject together with significant management experience. Entrants may be considered with a degree in a related subject provided they have relevant skills and experience. Prospective managers may take up trainee positions in telecoms companies.

Software Developer jobs
Software developers are also called programmers, and design and build programmes for computers to help organisations and their equipment work effectively. They may be involved in building databases for financial and administrative purposes or work n specific projects such as writing and testing a piece of software, checking compatibility issues, debugging and maintaining systems when they are operating.

"developers will usually need an IT-related degree"

There are often opportunities for software developers to progress through management training schemes to become Project Managers. Developers will usually need an IT-related degree or a BTEC HND/HNC to enter the telecoms industry, but graduates could enter via a graduate trainee scheme that many large telecoms employers run.

Programme Manager jobs
Programme Managers lead teams developing and installing IT systems that may be one a telecoms company or equally could be dealing with systems in other large commercial enterprises, such as in the financial or logistics sectors. Ideally, Programme Managers with be educated to degree level and also have gained considerable experience in managing people.

Management experience can be gained by embarking on a management training scheme, which many companies in the telecoms sector operate.

Software Tester jobs
Every piece of software that has been developed needs to be tested before it can be implemented in a system and this is the main focus of a Software Tester. Jobs may be in any of the telecoms field, and require meticulous attention to detail and the ability to solve problems. Ideally, testers will have an IT degree or equivalent with excellent software skills.