fulfilment survey: social worker jobs in london, manchester and cardiff.


In a survey conducted by Randstad, participants were asked ‘how satisfied are you with your current employer?’ They were asked to select from three categories: fulfilled, indifferent or unfulfilled. People in social worker jobs in London, Manchester and Cardiff were included in the survey.

How would you answer? Nationally, 33% of survey respondents said they were not satisfied with their current employer. With the number of people in work within the UK being 29.84 million, these results suggest that 9.85 million employees are professionally unfulfilled. If you are not satisfied with your current employer, but you still love working in social care or social work, you are probably looking for a new job. But are the results any different on a regional or local basis?

How satisfied and fulfilled are people with their social worker jobs in Cardiff, for example? Or those with social care jobs in Manchester? And London? According to the Office of National Statistics’ 2013-14 personal wellbeing survey, when people in Cardiff were asked to score how satisfied they were with their life, the average was 7.4 out of 10. This accords exactly with the national average of 7.4.

Meanwhile, Greater Manchester’s life satisfaction score was 7.3; while Outer London satisfaction levels were 7.3, and Inner London scored 7.2 out of 10. With work representing a large part of life, a lot rides on professional job fulfillment to increase personal wellbeing and life satisfaction.

Research by Randstad surveyed which professions – and which locations – in the UK describe themselves as fulfilled in their jobs. The most professionally fulfilled workers in the UK are based in Wales, where 80% of employees claim to be happy with their jobs. The least fulfilled workers are doctors and nurses, with just 31% saying they felt fulfilled at work (45% described themselves as unfulfilled). 70% of London workers describe themselves as fulfilled.

Take a look at the live results on our Job Fulfillment Calculator, by work specialism and by region.

Job fulfillment statistics including social care

How does your job role and region compare with the national average, or with other areas?

The most fulfilled professions are:

•    1st Property: 84%
•    2nd Education: 69%
•    3rd Finance: 66%
•    4th Technology & IT: 62%
•    5th Social care: 62% - good news for everyone looking for social care jobs and social work jobs.

Which are the best regions to work in the UK? The most fulfilled regions are:
1st West Midlands: 88%
2nd Wales: 80% - great news for those seeking jobs in Cardiff
3rd South East: 69% - great news for those seeking jobs in London
4th Scotland: 63%
5th North East: 62%

Cardiff is looking like a good prospect for jobs in general, and social care jobs or social work jobs, specifically, compared with other regions. 71% of people working in social care in  Wales feel fulfilled in their role.

Nationally, people in the social care profession are on average 61% fulfilled in their jobs.

And people working in Wales, across all professions are, on average, 80% fulfilled in their jobs.

Cardiff offers some great opportunities for social work jobs.

Our survey reports that 60% of people working in social care in the North West are fulfilled in their role. But across all professions in the North West, only 58% are likely to be fulfilled in their jobs, making social care or social work better options as professions and working environments.
This is slightly better than the national average, whereby social care professionals are 61% fulfilled in their jobs.

As well as being a thriving metropolitan city, Manchester has great transport links and many easily commutable districts and boroughs surrounding it, forming Greater Manchester. As with any city, there is a wealth of social care organisations and services offering opportunities for working, and networks offering advice.

60% of people working in Social care in  London are fulfilled in their role.
How does that compare to other professions and regions? People in the Social care profession are 61% fulfilled in their jobs, and the average for people working in all or any professions in London is 59% fulfilled in their jobs. So, overall, fairly in line with the averages nationally and locally.

Naturally, as the capital and the most densely populated area in the UK, London offers a vast range of job opportunities in social care and with excellent transport systems and links, even wider areas may be pursued in the search for a new social work job.