Regardless of where you are in your career, it’s likely that you’ll need to sharpen your leadership skills in order to climb the career ladder and take on more responsibility. However, the ability to lead and manage others is no easy feat and will often take time, practice and perseverance for you to start building up your confidence and understand how people tick.

So, if you have a more advanced role in your sights which requires leadership responsibilities, watch our 5-minute video guide below to find out how you can prepare.   

Key points to remember:

  • Get yourself a mentor – Try to identify someone in your field who is an established leader and would be willing to provide you impartial advice. This is a great way to develop your leadership skills from someone you admire. 

  • Take the initiative and be proactive – Take on more responsibility. The more you can demonstrate your ambition and problem solving skills, the more people will recognise that you’re ready to take a step up. 

  • Influence outcomes – Your ability to influence others comes from a combination of active listening and constructive feedback. Remember that you need to find a balance between being assertive with your ideas and directions and remaining calm when they are challenged. 

  • Understand how people tick – As a leader it’s important to know who you work with and understand what motivates and drives the professionals in your field. 

  • Know your leadership styles - Successful leaders are adaptable and learn how to handle different scenarios in order to get the best out of their teams.

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