<p>It doesn’t matter what job you do or what industry you do it in, as an employee you will have a number of rights and responsibilities. Many of those will be set out in your contract of employment and can range from your day-to-day role, to what procedure will be followed in the event of disciplinary action, promotion, pay increases and maternity or sick leave.</p>
<p>Your contract will provide details of what you’re entitled to, such as minimum pay or bonuses. It also sets out what your responsibilities are including, hours, role, any health and safety responsibilities, disclosure of wrongdoing, looking after an employer’s property or other assets and not working against your employer while you are contracted to work for them.</p>
<p>You might not be aware of it but many of these rights and responsibilities are also enshrined in law. If something goes wrong, be it with the employer or the employee, you will have rights under the law to resolve it. </p>
<p>Most of the time, any issues that arise can be resolved internally without the need to resort to the courts. But if you need specific guidance on an issue, from recruitment to retirement, it can be difficult to know where to go for advice. What are your pension entitlements under UK law? What happens if you have a grievance and how do you proceed? If you find yourself unfairly dismissed what can you do about it?</p>
<p>That’s where <a href="/workpocket/">Workpocket World from Randstad</a><a href="https://projects.randstad.co.uk/workpocket/">; comes in, providing you with comprehensive information on all aspects of HR, for both HR professionals and employees looking for specific guidance on an employment issue. Easily accessible online or on your phone, Workpocket world provides you with instant access to advice and guidance on specific HR topics and situations. </p>
<h2>What is Workpocket World?</h2>
<p>Workpocket World is a comprehensive digital HR guide which covers all aspects of the employment cycle. Workpocket World includes legal information and facts as well as advice and recommendations on specific scenarios, plus guidance on how you should approach certain HR issues with your employer. </p>
<p>Instantly accessible online as well as via your phone, It provides advice on the basic rights enshrined in employment contracts such as hours, wages, holiday entitlement, sick pay, pension schemes and notice. It also offers information in the event that you do have an issue at work or need to follow a grievance procedure.</p>
<p>Workpocket World also delves further into other types of HR issues that may arise less frequently, such as accidents at work, age discrimination, employer policy on sex discrimination and sexual harassment, redundancy rights, the rights of working fathers, religious or racial discrimination, for example.</p>
<h3>How Workpocket World can help you in your job</h3>
<p>The relationship between an employer and employee is a two-way thing and so is an employment contract, setting out rights and responsibilities on both sides. It is important for a happy working relationship to have that in place from the first moment so you both know where you stand and hopefully avoid issues before they arise.</p>
<p>However, if a problem does occur and you’re unsure about what to do before approaching your HR department or line manage, then Workpocket World can provide you with the background information and advice you need to take the next step.</p>
<p>It can be something as simple as checking your statutory pay or holiday entitlement or it can give you more involved guidance on what to do if you are being bullied in the workplace. Ultimately, having Workpocket World on hand on your computer or phone, as your own personal HR guide will help make your working life easier and provide the guidance needed to proactively deal with any issues that might occur in the workplace.<br><br></p>