Generally speaking, recruitment is the process of attracting, screening, selecting, and hiring qualified job seekers.  There are various aspects to the recruitment process, ranging from job analysis and screening candidates to networking and advertising, to taking on new recruits.  In essence, recruitment professionals work with client companies to find the right individuals to meet their needs, while helping job seekers to find the perfect job.  It is a highly collaborative job with rigorous requirements that can be highly rewarding.

The technology sector

Many of those just starting out in the recruitment sector are unaware that jobs in recruitment can be as specialised as those in any other sector.  Some recruitment consultant jobs, for example, focus specifically on the technologies sector.  The technology sector actually presents opportunities for job growth, even in challenging economic times, for both recruitment professionals as well as those who work in technological fields.

The technology industry is constantly evolving and those working in recruitment for the technologies sector need to be aware of this fact.  From mobile applications and social media to cloud computing and infrastructure, there are very few industries that modify what they do, and how they do it, more quickly.  In the technologies arena, adaptability and quick action is the key to survival.

Recruiting for technology

Technology professionals face substantial managerial, operations, and technical challenges, as well as fierce competition, globalisation, quickly changing platforms, and new business models in a ground-breaking environment.  As the complexity of these demands intensifies, one of the biggest challenges in hiring managers is finding job seekers that are talented, innovative, and ready for the challenge.

When it comes to recruitment for the technology sector, there is no question that time is of the essence.  The competitive parameters can shift quickly and, therefore, technology recruiters must be effective and efficient in order to achieve maximum results.  In a word, technology recruiters must also be innovators themselves.  In order to deliver professionals equipped with both technological and interpersonal skills, recruiters must understand that talent can emerge from anywhere, and should have a clear concept of the staffing needs of client companies as well as what job seekers are looking for.

Filling the role

Because the technology sector is constantly evolving, there are many different roles to recruit for.  Expert technology recruiters will work with job seekers and client companies to fill roles in areas such as IT consulting, application services, cloud computing, infrastructure services, mobility, business intelligence, software development, website design, and electronic medical record specialties.

What to watch for

To achieve the greatest success, technology recruiters should work with the client company to understand more than just what the job entails.  This means working diligently to understand not only the job description, but also the company culture, what the company does, and both its short and long-term goals.  It is also crucial to pay attention to job seekers in the industry – what they want and need, as well as how they imagine they will fit into the workforce.