Those who are considering their next career move in accountancy and finance jobs might be at a loss for how to actually make it. It is quite common for financial professionals to be in one particular position for long periods of time, which can be devastating when a time comes to make a change. Candidates simply do not have the knowledge with regards to how to move onto greener pastures, but the answer lies within using an agency.  We will take a look at some of the reasons why this is a sound decision.

It is understandable that today's world is very connected. Social media, CV databases and other slightly invasive platforms are making it very easy for current and even prospective employers to check up on candidates before they are even at the negotiation table. This is not the case with a recruitment agency such as Randstad. Agencies are bound to confidentiality agreements whereby they will not submit a candidate's CV for an employer's attention without their explicit agreement. Similarly, they will not make any information publicly available without the terms of this disclosure spelled out to candidates.

This can mean quite a bit for financial professionals. Firstly, it means that any professional blunders will not be brought to light during the recruitment process unless candidates choose to disclose them in the interview. Secondly, it will allow candidates to reflect on their own use of these platforms before making any further posts or comments – a recruiter can also provide insight as to whether or not posts being made are acceptable or would be easily found by a prospective employer.

Other benefits to using an agency to secure an accountancy and finance job

When candidates have been out of the loop for quite some time, which is common for those in the finance industry, they will likely have lost quite a bit of their professional network. This is not the case when using a recruitment agency. A recruiter's operating business is to ensure that they are always kept in the loop regarding the availability of candidates and latest vacancies, which they can then relay to suitable candidates. This completely removes the need to keep in touch with networking contacts. It also binds the recruiter to working diligently on the candidate's behalf, since an agency will only be paid when they have made a suitable placement, which in turn can be reflected in a recruiter's own pay packet.

Time saving
Candidates will only be linked with a very small pool of prospective candidates when they are working through a recruiter. This means candidates will be more visible to prospective employers more easily, since they are coming in with a built-in referral from another working professional that deems them suitable for a particular role. This can minimise the time spent in aimless interviews and ensure candidates are employed quicker than when going it alone.

Improve interview skills
When candidates have been in a job for an extended period, they might have forgotten all that there is to know about interviews and the technicalities that can follow the financial industry. Recruiters can help candidates brush up on these skills before they approach the interview table, so as to make a better impression on employers.