If you're looking to get a job in sales but don't know how to start, then give consideration to firms that offer trainee sales jobs

These trainee positions can provide the time and experience for you to “learn the ropes.” The firm may offer on-the-job or classroom training or a mentoring programme, either with or without the formalised training. 

The ability to learn about a product(s) or service at the same time as gaining expertise and knowledge of the sales process can help you make a quicker transition to a successful sales role. 

Trainee sales jobs can be the first step in a rich and rewarding sales career. These jobs often come with pay based on a salary plus commission. There may be other benefits as well, such as a company car, holiday, a company mobile phone and many more dependent on the company.

Don’t forget the importance of networking on a regular basis as this is one of the main ways in which you could meet potential new employers who could be the lead for the next stage in your career.  

Tailor applications

One item that is sometimes overlooked is the importance of the application and CV. These documents should be succinct and to the point, and business-like without becoming overly friendly.  Focus on the key achievements and experience that each role has given you and the knowledge, skills and behaviour that you can offer your potential new employer.

One thing cannot be stressed enough: each application and CV should be tailored for the particular job. Even if applying for two sales jobs in different departments of the same company, your application should be tailored accordingly. For example, applications for Account Executive trainees in the corporate department might show how they have account management experience and have the ability to meet delivery deadlines in their letter. Whereas, a CV for a sales job in the individual account department might highlight customer service and negotiation skills. 

Remember, a good recruitment agency will offer help with constructing a CV and covering letter that highlights skills and experience and will take the time to actively market individuals to potential employers. 

Be clear and concise

No one wants to read a 10-page CV, 2 pages is the ideal length, so be succinct. Bullet points are often a good way to provide a lot of information in a clear manner. The hiring authority will have a limited amount of time to read your CV and decide whether they want to progress the candidate to the interview stage. Demonstrating respect for the person’s time by keeping the CV brief and to the point is critical.

Apply for the Job

Read the job vacancy several times so you can properly decide what to include in your letter and CV.  Don’t lie. Use specific information to highlight the areas and skills you possess that they call for in their posting. 

If the job is listed through a recruiter, call them. That person likely has good insights into what the company prefers in an ideal candidate. In fact, a recruiter can provide the advice and attention needed to vault one application ahead of many others and land the job.

A recruiter is also an extra set of eyes to proofread documents like your CV. They can help with interviewing skills and have you participating in a mock interview. This type of preparation can help calm nerves and make candidates aware of the questions that might be asked in the real interview.