In order to find an audit job with a company that meets their specific expectations in terms of job satisfaction, salary expectations and future promotion opportunities, it is essential that the individual concerned spend some time researching the current job market.

Potential applicants should also check that they possess the skills and qualifications required to fulfil the role they intend to apply for and continuously monitor how their chosen role needs to evolve if it is to keep pace with technological advances and changes in the law. The purpose of this article is explain how the role of the auditor is changing and to offer advice on how best to find a company that can offer the type of package the candidate is looking for. 

How the role of the auditor is changing

Anyone looking to secure an audit job in London should be aware that the traditional scope of the position has changed dramatically in recent years and that when preparing for interview they need to be fully conversant with how these developments are likely to affect the company for which they hope to work. For example, in the past, the task of the internal auditor was to concentrate on their company’s accounting procedures. Today, however, IT security and managing risk are posing an ever increasing challenge, to the point where the auditor is one of the first lines of defence when it comes to ensuring that IT systems meet stringent security guidelines and that a robust risk management procedure is in place.

Qualification requirements
In order to qualify as an internal auditor in the UK, the individual must hold an undergraduate degree. For any significant career progression to take place, however, it is necessary to become a professionally qualified auditor, which involves joining a recognised body such as the Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors and, as a first step, obtaining the IIA Certificate in Internal Audit and Business Risk followed by the IIA Diploma. Individuals who have been working as an internal auditor are able to register for the IIA Diploma course if their employer agrees to endorse their application by confirming they have the ability to meet the demands of postgraduate level studies.

The benefits of registering with a recruitment agency

As one of the leading financial centres in the world, London is home to some of the world’s major multi-national corporations. It is also a magnet for high-achieving individuals who wish to progress their careers and who relish the prospect of working in one of the most challenging commercial environments in the country.

If the investment manager of a large London based company is looking to recruit an internal auditor, for example, he or she is almost certain to entrust the task of locating suitable candidates to a small number of professional recruitment agencies that they can trust and rely on to provide them with a shortlist of suitably qualified and experienced individuals. It makes sense, therefore, for anyone who is looking for audit jobs to register with a highly reputable recruitment agency.

Those registering with a recruitment agency receive a number of key benefits. First of all, the candidate will have his or her CV appraised by a specialist who will offer advice on how it can be improved. Candidates are notified on a daily or even hourly basis, when new vacancies become available. Finally, the recruitment agency will match companies with an individual’s predetermined profile to ensure the best fit possible.