London is one of the biggest destinations in the world for shoppers and retailers alike. While this creates one of the best shopping experiences for tourists and residents, it does open up a rather unique perspective for jobseekers looking at retail jobs in London and that is the sheer volume and availability of retail outlets. That is not to say jobseekers are guaranteed retail positions, but it is easy to see why these opportunities can be so attractive. We will take a look at some of the types of retail positions available in London.

Common job roles in retail


Retail advisors are often placed in sales jobs across various retail outlets. These can include mobile phone shops, computer shops, exchange services and other positions where customers will require additional guidance and assistance with their purchases. Retail advisors are often responsible for the day-to-day operations of the front end of a store. They interact with customers and clients, facilitate trades and perform the duties necessary to maintain the retail presence of the store (cash handling, till operation, etc.). It is usually a position that requires no experience, but preference is sometimes shown to those with a background in sales. It is usually an entry-level position to something greater, such as team leadership or other senior supervisory positions within the employer's business.

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Merchandisers do not take as much of a customer facing role. Instead, they are normally working behind the scenes in shops in order to create eye-catching displays that attract customers. They may also be responsible for the replenishment of stock within busier department stores, which can see them working quite a bit depending on the volume of the store. Like sales advising, merchandising is a role that normally does not require any previous experience, but will require candidates to be physically fit in order to meet the demands of the role. These demands will vary according to the needs of the store, but larger department stores will obviously need quite a high level of fitness in order for candidates to thrive within the environment. 

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Showroom sales assistant

There are many showrooms across the London area. These range from electrical to plumbing displays through to furniture and other home accessories. Within showrooms, sales assistants work on the floor in order to help customers with their needs and make product suggestions accordingly. This is a position that will sometimes require a background in sales, since many showrooms operate on a commission basis, but many employers will consider those with the right attitude.


Various ‘cash for’ kiosks and shops have opened across the Greater London Area and continue to spring up on a regular basis. These will require buyers to fill the roles. Buyers will act on behalf of the business in order to provide cash offers for customer merchandise. It is a relatively responsible role and will require candidates to assess the quality of the goods being exchanged, but training is usually provided. The amount of experience required for these roles varies.

Retail management

For those with a bit of experience already, management positions may come up for some candidates. This will obviously be something that is not available to just any job seeker. Candidates will require a proven background in retail and will often be required to present some form of managerial experience, whether that is gained from an academic qualification like a Foundation Degree in Retail Management or from a previous role. With so many retail opportunities in London, it is likely that those seeking management roles will not be required to look too far for possible openings. 
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