Jenny Rollinson, Managing Director of Randstad Education, said:

“Head teachers are under increasing pressure to deliver uninterrupted, high quality education for a rising number of pupils amid a backdrop of falling teaching job applications and lower PGCE numbers. It’s a challenge that will be accentuated in the coming weeks as the teacher resignation deadline approaches and Heads establish how many new staff members will be required in the new academic year.”

“Unfortunately, the numbers don’t lie, in 2011 the number of graduate applications to train as a teacher fell 9.3%* overall and up to 40% in some subject areas .

As a result, the falling number of newly qualified teachers emerging from training will not support the vast numbers of vacancies for permanent, skilled, qualified teachers that will appear over the coming years.

“Schools and head teachers know that every day counts if you’re to provide excellence in the classroom, and this attitude must extend to the recruitment process. The traditional routes of advertising for new staff will only get you so far and when time is of the essence, access to professional, qualified and vetted staff that can be secured in a timely manner will help head teachers plug the gaps without compromising the quality of education they provide their pupils.”

Taking into account any tips for supply teaching can only be beneficial.

 Jenny Rollinson comments on the role of Supply Teachers in the ITN film Every Day Counts

*The Telegraph online, 28 Jan 2011 Graeme Paton Education Editor, “Fears over teacher shortages following training slump”