Investing in AI technology can only improve the food industry.

The manufacturing industry is leading the way in artificial intelligence (AI) technology. They are becoming more forward thinking by improving productivity, product quality and the safety of their employees, all thanks to the use of AI.

The food industry has already made many advancements using AI including sorting foods, taking health and safety compliances to the next level and increased operational efficiencies.

AI will never be able to replace humans in the food industry - human senses such as taste and smell can’t be replicated, but the technology will work hand in hand with humans to increase operational efficiency within this key industry, it’s a win-win for everyone.

Here are three key ways AI has helped make waves and improve the world of manufacturing within the food industry that will leave you hungry for more...

Sorting Food

AI will be able to help sort fresh produce, sort produce size, prevent possible food recalls.

TOMRA Sorting Food” has developed sensor-based sorting solutions with machine learning capabilities. This technology will be able to “see food the same way that we do” and sort it based on that.

Thanks to this technology, we’ll now have better quality products and companies can have less hours of manual sorting and less waste of food.

Predictive maintenance & condition monitoring 

Manufacturers will benefit from experiencing real-time monitoring of equipment health to maximise overall equipment effectiveness, reduce maintenance costs, and cut downtime.

AI will help reduce maintenance time. It is proven that proactive repairs cut down maintenance time by 20% to 50% and reduce overall costs by up to 10%.

It will help resolve the all round efficiency by analysis data collected from previous record and live data from the factory floor. This will help improve overall equipment efficiency and effectiveness.

Quality and Quantity

AI can help manufacturers improve on both quality and quantity of produce before distribution and during operation.

For example, Amazon uses natural language processing to track reviews, complaints, and other customer data to get ahead of a possible recall and quickly remove a suspicious product from the market.

Investing in AI technology can only improve the food industry by helping to create a healthier, more eco friendly and more affordable food industry for everyone.