Think of all the great business success stories out there – Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon to name but a few. But those businesses wouldn’t have grown, or even been half the successes they are today, without the right teams. Business support roles provide much-needed help in many administrative areas - from office management and customer service positions to marketing roles and sales functions.

Much like nurses within the NHS, these roles are the glue that holds an organisation together, and provide the vital support that allows it to function. And there are plenty of roles in this area where you can expect a comfortable salary.

Customer service advisor.

As a customer service advisor, you’ll be responsible for handling day-to-day enquiries from customers. If a customer is confused, upset, or simply in need of advice, it would be your job to help them.

You’ll be expected to handle any queries quickly, efficiently and respectfully. This will help promote the reputation of the company you work for. If a customer issue is complex, you should put them in touch with more senior staff, or suggest services that could aid in resolving their problem.  

Advisors start on salaries of £12,000 - £17,000, which can rise to £22,000 with experience.

Average Salary: £17,500

Marketing executive.

A company can have the best product or service in the world but if no one knows about it, then the business won’t last long. Marketing executives are the ones responsible for making sure those products or services are carefully placed in front of a company’s target audience. They assist with marketing campaigns and focus on raising brand awareness.

The work involves developing campaigns, dealing with PR, organising events, researching competitors and product development. It’s a very diverse role but the exact nature of it will depend on what industry you work in. A marketing executive working for a private investment bank will have a different outlook to one in a tech start up. 

A marketing executive role can lead to some of the highest paying jobs in business with senior marketing directors earning from £60,000 to over £100,000 a year.

Average salary: £30,000

Business development executive.

A business development executive is tasked with helping a business grow. It is a senior role that requires plenty of sales experience. The main function is to increase sales and to promote additional products and services. It is a vital position for any business wishing to expand its customer base and grow its revenue streams.

Good business development executives are in high demand across all industries and so the salaries are competitive too. You can earn anywhere between £17,000 and £35,000 a year, but with bonuses and moves into senior management, you could earn substantially more.

Average salary: £25,000

Account manager.

An account manager will work for one company and be responsible for managing the relationships with particular customers. Their primary function is to build relationships, anticipate what the customer needs and ensure the company delivers.

Account managers work closely with the sales and marketing teams to ensure the two have open channels of communication. They may also be responsible for identifying new product or service opportunities and upselling to their existing customers.

Average salary: £26,500

Sales advisor.

A sales advisor will often work in a call centre or retail outlet and is responsible for meeting the needs of customers. Through phone calls, emails or face-to-face meetings, they provide customers with necessary information and advise them on the best products or services for them. The role can also involve replenishing stock and keeping shop stores tidy and welcoming. Being personable and being a good listener are two vital skills for this role.

Starting out as a sales advisor within a company can often lead to more senior or managerial roles later on.

Average salary: £10,000 - £20,000