If you’re working from home as part of a hybrid role, you’re likely to experience an uplift in home expenses of keeping your 'home office' heated throughout the winter months.

In a poll of 439 jobseekers who were asked ‘are rising energy prices and fuel shortages affecting your appetite to work from home?’, 17% said they are working from home because they are unable to access fuel to make their daily commute. It was also revealed that 5% of workers admitted to ensuring they venture into the perfectly climatised office environment to avoid racking up a hefty gas bill amid rising heating costs.

UK households warned of a further 30% rise in energy bills next year and analysts are predicting that energy price cap could soar by £400 in the spring - about 30% higher than the record £1,277 level for the cap set for winter 2021-22.

With that being said, there are some simple and uncostly changes that you can implement around your home to help reduce your overall household’s energy consumption this winter season.

Top tips for keeping warm at a low cost when working from home;

  • Use tax relief to contribute to bills
  • Invest in items to help keep you warm
  • Tasty ways to stay warm

WFH tax relief

This is a quick and easy way to save a few pounds each month - applying for a tax relief allows you to claim money back through your employer to put towards your heating bills - up to £6 a week. Learn more and apply for your savings here.

Spending money to save money.

If you don’t want to spend hours rubbing your hands together or hugging the radiator, here are our top four items that can help you keep warm - add these to your Amazon wishlist. 

  • Ditch the blinds for curtains. Curtains can help keep the warmth in your home stay longer in your workspace. Buy them here.
  • A hug in a mug. Get yourself a mug warmer to keep your drink warm anytime you want - especially for those meetings that could have just been an email. Buy one here.
  • Toasty feet are the way forward. Keep warm waist down with these cosy socks or these amazing memory foam slippers - it’ll be your best kept secret on how you’re keeping warm on your next video call. 
  • Think blankets but fashion. Take a non professional blanket wrap and turn it into a warm look that you can get away with. We think this two-in-one reversible blanket and sweatshirt design hits the mark. Buy it now. Need a better lap warmer than your laptop? Try a heated electric blanket or an electric heat pad can do wonders when you’re working at a desk 
  • Keep the cold out. A door draft stopper is about to become your best friend. The perfect way to keep your workspace cosy whilst keeping your energy bills down. Get yours today.

If those aren’t working for you, a few simple changes might do the trick - some items you might already even own;

  • Hot water bottles might be old fashioned, but work as a cheap and easy alternative to an electric heater
  • Why not switch your after work exercise session to kick start your morning. It’s a great way to wake the body up and get you naturally warm. 
  • Pack away your summer clothes and get your winter clothes out. Opt for fingerless gloves, double up on warm socks and layers are everything! 

Warm food and drinks.

This season was made for mugs full of hot drinks from hot chocolate and eggnog (after work hours of course). As well as being tasty they can keep you warm throughout the day so flick the kettle on. You can also try herbal flavoured teas that will count towards your daily water consumption - it's a win win. 

Winter favourites such as soups, stews, curry are a great way to warm you from the inside whilst also sustaining your energy.