the Clipper Stad Amsterdam.

One of the largest tall ships currently sailing, the Clipper Stad Amsterdam is 76 metres long and carries 31 sails with a total area of 2,200 square metres. She has an authentic square rig, a pointed bow and is registered under the Dutch flag as a passenger ship.

On the upper deck you’ll feel like you’ve boarded an actual nineteenth-century clipper ship. The beautiful chart house, original rigging, excellently maintained teak woodwork and the hoisting and setting of the sails are all exactly as they would have been in days gone by.

At the same time the Clipper Stad Amsterdam offers passengers every kind of 21st-century comfort.

The Clipper Stad Amsterdam story.

The Clipper Stad Amsterdam is a vessel with a story. It all started during the SAIL Amsterdam 1995 event, when five municipal councillors were travelling by barge from the VOC-ship Amsterdam to the mayor’s official residence. “Wouldn’t it be great,” one of them said, “to build another of those great sailing ships from the past, as a symbol of the commercial spirit of the city of Amsterdam?”

During the '90s, the build of ship offered opportunities to school leavers and the unemployed. The chance to work with master craftsmen provided them with a set of skills that would later help them find new positions.

The ship officially launched in 2000. Rita Kok, wife of the serving prime minister Wim Kok, christened the ship and the clipper was revealed to the public for the first time during the SAIL Amsterdam 2000 event. The press and public were very enthusiastic: at last, the Netherlands had its own historic flagship, sustainably built and having provided working opportunities to many of the country's less fortunate.