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Taking some time away from work can be great for personal development and alleviating stress levels, however it can leave a large gap on your CV. When you’re ready to return to work use your time away to your benefit when applying for a new job.

Your time away, for whatever reason, is likely to have helped you develop valuable skills that you can use within the workplace. Travelling abroad, for example, may have developed your linguistic skills and given you a broader cultural understanding or perhaps having children has streamlined your time management abilities. Whatever the reason for your career break, use it to your benefits and highlight this in your cover letter.

Within your cover letter and CV it is important to make your break transparent, don’t hide it as it will be brought up somewhere within the interview stage. Clearly explain the reason for your career break and demonstrate how it has made you a more rounded person and a more effective employee. Placing your break in the context of your experience and previous career achievements means that it needn’t be a stumbling block.

If you’re still not sure how to address your time of absence, download our Career Break Cover Letter Template and let us help you give your cover letter a boost.