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All businesses require, in some form, financial personnel so a career in finance could see you working within almost any organisation. There are numerous perks to working within this industry but it can also be demanding and it's not suitable for everyone. So, is working in finance the right choice for you?

First and foremost you have to be comfortable dealing with figures, have good IT skills, be an effective problem solver and possess a meticulous attention to detail. The finance industry is quite broad so the day-to-day tasks of a bank cashier will be completely different from that of a financial analyst, what this means is that you’ll need to decide which career path suits you and your particular skill set.

If you’re shy of long hours and would prefer a standard nine to five job, finance might not be the career for you. The hours can be long however, this is offset by the compensation which can be substantial, not only in terms of salary but career progression too - promotion is often related to performance rather than seniority.

For your CV it’s important to include both technical and soft skills in equals amounts if possible. Technical abilities such as accounting and finance, banking operations and risk and compliance demonstrate your aptitude for the role, but your soft skills are what can differentiate you from other candidates and hopefully land you the position. Commercial skills, communication, teamwork, creativity and a range of other soft skills should be highlighted to enhance your CV.

Whichever route you decide to take within the finance industry you’ll need a polished CV. Download our free finance CV template to make sure your CV is job application ready.