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As a recent university graduate, you’re probably excited, anxious and a little daunted by the prospect of working on a full-time basis. However, with the job market as competitive as it is, how do you even stand out amongst your peers?

Experiences from your time at University are likely to form the backbone of your CV, but remember to include more than just your grades. There’s a wealth of experience that you will have gained while taking part in societies, sports teams and learning new skills - don’t be afraid to use this within your CV or job application. If you’ve written for the university newspaper, captained the hockey team or organised a charity event, think about how this can be utilised in the working environment to make you attractive to recruiters.

Your hobbies should also be included, assuming they are relevant, as concrete examples of your soft skills. Writing a blog shows creativity and individuality, for example, while an avid chess player probably knows a thing or two about strategy. The essential thing to remember when putting together your CV is that you are acquiring useful skills all the time – you just need to show them off to your potential employer.

Most importantly make sure you include your University results and present them in a clear and concise way. Think about including grades for any particularly relevant modules that you studied, also other qualification such as IT or language skills all help to present you as the ideal candidate. 

Applying for your first full-time position can be nerve-racking, download our Graduate CV Template to help you construct the perfect CV and take off a little pressure.