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about this template.

Our reliance on digital technologies has meant that recruiters are requiring individuals with high-level technical skills that are unfortunately in short supply. This has created a skills gap within the industry which represents a fantastic opportunity for applicants that have the required knowledge and skillset.

In order to get noticed make it as easy as possible for recruiters to quickly identify your skills and experience level within your application. Make sure that you clearly state your level of expertise for each of your technical skills, when they were last used in a professional setting and whether you have any professional accreditation to support them - this will help increase your credibility to recruiters.

It’s not only technical skills that recruiters are looking for but soft skills too, skills such as great communication and teamwork ability. Creativity and problem solving are also highly valued, particularly for developers. Due to IT work often being project based don’t be afraid to give specific details and examples of the clients that you have worked with especially if you’ve worked on a closely related client or project.

Progression can be fantastic within IT, many IT staff work their way up into management positions, so there really is a huge amount to interest you about the industry. So, if you’re applying for a job check out our IT CV Template to help you nail the application.