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A role in marketing can offer a lot of variety which makes the industry appealing for many job applicants but competition can be fierce. Along with job variety many roles in marketing require creativity and forward thinking which is challenging but also a source of inspiration and satisfaction for many people.

Marketing jobs can range from designers creating graphics for the latest advertising campaign, carrying out consumer research or number crunching as a data analyst all set within an incredibly fast paced industry. Due to technological changes that have shifted the industry, you can pursue a career either in offline media such as TV, radio or press or online media including online video, content or social media.

When deciding on a career in marketing there are two main considerations, do you want to work client or agency side? Client side means working directly for a brand e.g. Coca-Cola, Apple or Google as opposed to working for an agency that services multiple clients. Which ever side you choose, two key skills are communication and a willingness to embrace change, keeping up to date with the latest development is almost a requirement.

If a creative, fast paced and technology-driven career sounds appealing to you, then marketing is a great choice. Download our Marketing CV Template for advice and tips on writing a CV that will help you land your dream job.