Looking to land a nursing job but not sure if your CV is up to scratch? Then try this free nursing CV template.

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this nursing CV template is good for

  • experienced nurses
  • graduates

about this nursing CV template

If you’re passionate about helping people and looking to apply for your next role, download our nursing CV template and get a head-start.

Empathy, flexibility and problem-solving are three key soft skills worth shouting about to land a job in this demanding but rewarding profession. Nursing encompasses a wide range of roles, so environments and tasks can vary greatly. Whether you prefer working in a busy hospital or providing one-on-one care, it’s smart to tailor your CV accordingly.

Challenges that can arise within a nursing role include having to manage difficult individuals and stressful environments, so try to highlight relevant examples of you doing so. However, as the sense of fulfilment the job offers is difficult to match in other professions, make sure to convey your enthusiasm, too.

As nursing is a vocational course with strong progression from education to employment, it’s important to highlight your qualifications clearly. If you’re lacking a degree qualification, then roles such as healthcare assistant could offer a way in and allow you to gain first-hand experience in a nursing setup.

Structuring all this information coherently can be tricky – but less so with our nursing CV template for UK roles. Download it for free today and take the first steps towards your new job.

[download nursing CV template]

breaking down our nursing CV example

Our nursing CV template features several distinct sections, so we’ve broken each one down below to make filling yours out a breeze. Ideally, keep your CV to no more than two sides of A4 in length.



Your NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council) PIN is compulsory for working as a nurse in the UK, so make sure to lead with yours. If you already work for the NHS, include your current banding here too.


personal statement

Your personal statement should make it clear why you’re the right person for the job based on your experience, key skills, attitude and ambitions. Make sure that it’s tailored to the nursing job in question – and don’t be afraid to sound human, given the compassion needed for the role.



Here’s where you’ll highlight your key responsibilities and achievements in previous roles, like developing strong relationships with patients as a community nurse. Try to highlight areas where you’ve been able to add value, such as improving internal processes or patient care.



This part of our nursing CV example is for highlighting your nursing and educational qualifications. Make sure to present your qualifications clearly while showcasing high scores in any particular modules of interest.

You should also shout about any extra training you’ve completed that’s relevant to the position for which you’re applying. This is a great way to display your interest in nursing and personal development.


core skills

In this section, you’ll want to look back at your previous roles and select transferable job-related skills. That includes so-called hard skills that are specific to the role, such as administering medication, as well as soft skills like attention to detail and the ability to manage both people and your own time.



You’re not obliged to include full references when filling out your nursing CV template. Instead, add a sentence along the lines of ‘references available upon request’ so that employers have the option to speak to people about your character and skills.


contact details

Finally, add your email address, phone number and home address. Ideally use a professional-sounding email address – and make sure to include an up-to-date mobile number so that you’re easy to contact.