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Compassion and empathy are some of the soft skills that are required to succeed in this demanding, but extremely rewarding profession. Nursing encompasses a wide range of roles so the environment and tasks involved will vary greatly. Whether you prefer working in a busy hospital or providing one-on-one care it’s likely there is a role right for you.

Some of the challenges that can arise within a nursing role are having to manage and deal with difficult individuals in stressful environments however, the sense of satisfaction and fulfilment that the job can offer is difficult to match in any other profession. Flexibility, empathy, problem solving and patience are just some of the skills required during your day-to-day job as a nurse.

Nursing is a vocational course and as such there is a strong progression from education to employment. While studying you’ll need to focus on one of four specialisms children, adult, mental health and learning difficulties but once your course is complete there’s an abundance of other roles available. If you’re lacking a degree qualification then roles such as healthcare assistant may not require a degree at all but still allow you to play a key role with the nursing setup.

Career progression is plentiful with being able to specialise or move into a management role with relevant experience, additionally further study can aid in career development. If you’re passionate about people and looking to apply for your next role, download our Nursing CV Template for guidance.