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Redundancy is hard for anyone and, on top of that you have the added challenge of finding a new job. Your cover letter will play a key part in the application for your new position so make sure that you nail it.

First of all, you should not try to hide the fact that you have been made redundant. At some stage within your recruitment process it will come to light and making a first impression at your new company is important, so make sure you are honest from the start. Redundancies are an unfortunate fact of employment and nothing to be ashamed about, explain it clearly but briefly within your cover letter and then focus on your skills and experience - employers will be far more interested in this anyway.

Looking at your situation from a positive perspective, this is now a great opportunity to highlight how much you’re looking forward to returning to work. Come across with a positive and enthusiastic tone and you’re very likely to be able to win an employer over. If you’re looking for other ways to leave your unwanted departure as a side note and focus on the positives within your cover letter, download our Redundancy Cover Letter.