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Are you confident and an impeccable communicator that thrives in a fast paced and target-driven environment? If your answer is yes then a career in sales might be just the one for you. Regardless of your background the key to being successful in sales is having a positive mental attitude and being personable. Having the ability to handle setbacks will also hold you in good stead.

A job in sales is much more about having soft skills, although a degree, particularly in your chosen industry, can certainly work in your favour. If you have any personal hobbies that relate to the product or service that you could be selling, make sure you include this within your application and specify why you think this is relevant.

Sales roles can be particularly demanding and it’s important to remember that they are often target driven, this isn’t a position for everyone. If you are comfortable with this then meeting or exceeding targets can often result to high financial rewards as well as rapid career progression, it’s not uncommon to find yourself in a management role within a few years.

If you’re resilient and motivated by hitting targets and reaping the rewards, your next role could be in sales. If you need any help or advice writing your CV, download our free Sales CV Template.