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about this template.

It’s that frustrating situation, you’ve just left school and are eager to enter the world of work but every job application is asking for experience. Although it can seem daunting remember that you will have picked up valuable experience during your time in and out of education, all of which can be impressive to recruiters.

Definitely include your academic achievements but instead of creating a bullet point list, focus on providing examples to enhance the points you’ve already mentioned in your CV. Representing your school as part of a country-wide maths challenge or maybe your coursework is particularly relevant to the job role that you’re applying to. Also, look for activities that can demonstrate soft skills such as leadership, teamwork and time management - these are transferable to practically any position.

Your cover letter is also a great opportunity to show them your character and personality, include hobbies that you think are relevant to the role and say something about you as a person. Organisations will look to see if your personality is compatible with the company as much as how suitable your experience is for the role.

Lastly, you’re not the only person in this position. Many school leavers will be a similar situation to you. If you’d like help crafting a winning cover letter to support your CV, download our free School Leaver Cover Letter Template.