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about this teacher CV example

Whether you’re a graduate or have been working for several years, teaching remains a satisfying career with new and diverse challenges every day. If you’re looking for your next step, download our teacher CV example for free and get a head-start!

Teaching is challenging but incredibly rewarding and, with lots of progression potential, six-week holidays are far from the only benefit. If you’re someone who wants to make a genuine difference to young people’s lives, then, make sure to show this enthusiasm in your teacher CV.

There are a variety of ways to get into teaching, including undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses, and it’s important to highlight your credentials clearly. Given that you could need broad subject knowledge for primary school roles or in-depth understanding for a secondary school position, you’ll want to tailor your selected skills for the job in question.

If you already work in the industry, make sure that you highlight prior achievements such as positive Ofsted reports and classes exceeding expected grade targets. Or if you’re fresh out of university, shout about relevant work experience and volunteering, as well as your positive approach to self-development.

Looking for jobs in new schools, areas or levels of seniority can be daunting but our CV for UK teachers is here to help. Download it for free today and put yourself out there!

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breaking down our CV for UK teachers

Our free teacher CV template comes with several distinct sections which we’ve included tips on completing below. As a general rule, aim to keep your CV to no more than two A4 sides in length to keep your potential employer’s attention.


personal statement

It’s smart to tailor this opening section to the specific job for which you’re applying. Summarise why you’re the right candidate for the job based on your experience, skills and attitude. If you have niche skills related to the role, such as experience teaching students that speak English as a second language, make sure to pull them out here.


employment history

Here’s where you can highlight your key responsibilities and achievements in previous roles. If you can, it’s great to highlight cases where you’ve gone above and beyond – like organising extracurricular activities or helping with university applications. Focus on achievements, too, such as earning promotions and driving student and school performance.



In this section of our teacher CV example, make it clear when you qualified to be a teacher and how – through an undergraduate degree or a PGCE, for example.

It’s worth including details of specialisms and extra professional training that you’ve completed, too, like IT or first aid. Showing a commitment to professional development is vital for landing teaching roles and progressing up the career ladder!


core skills

Next, pick out your key skills that transfer well from previous roles or qualifications. That includes practical skills such as subject knowledge and experience with teach software, as well as softer skills like communication, empathy and flexibility.



You don’t have to include actual references in your teacher CV. Instead, you can add a sentence saying that references are available on request to give employers the option of chasing them up.


contact details

Finally, add your email address, phone number and home address. Ideally use an email address that doesn’t appear unprofessional and include an up-to-date mobile number on which you’re easy to contact.