women in the construction industry 2016.

Our latest report reveals that women are expected to make up a quarter (26%) of the UK’s construction workforce by 2020. Click here to view our 2018 report on how women are making the jump into senior positions in the construction industry.

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It's 2018. What has changed?

where are we now?

leading women.

In 2005, 6% of women in the construction industry held senior management positions or directorships. This has now jumped to 16%. 

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recruit to plug skills gaps.

With skills gaps across the industry, recruiting and retaining women has become more important.  

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By employing women at all levels and using their extensive abilities, any skills gaps will hopefully be avoided.

Owen Goodhead, MD of Randstad CPE.
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ending prejudice.

Three quarters of women would actively recommend a career in construction to their daughter, niece or female friend.

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smell the coffee.

Women now report their employers are tackling the shortage of diversity in construction more actively.

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normalising the female leader.

In 2018, 93% said having a female manager would have a positive effect on construction worker's jobs.

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