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Randstad's top priority is to supply our clients with the flexible staffing and HR solutions they need to succeed, whatever goals they have and whatever challenges, big or small, they happen to be facing at the time.

Our approach has delivered results for businesses in a range of industries, from accounting and finance to engineering and manufacturing.

But rather than simply taking our word for it, you can hear directly from our clients about why they chose us and how we have been able to help them. Based on the feedback we've received, here are some of the top reasons for clients to choose Randstad to meet their staffing needs:

1. access to the right candidates

HR departments often have a range of goals they're looking to achieve in recruitment, and various metrics they use to measure success. But it's safe to say that a universal objective for all employers is to find candidates who are the right fit for the role and for the organisation as a whole.

Firstly, you want to feel confident that you're hiring people with the appropriate skills and expertise. Randstad can provide reassurance on this front through our rigorous screening processes and also by giving you access to an extensive pool of proven, on-demand talent.

Going a step further, we can help you find candidates with an ambitious growth mindset, who are keen to learn, develop and help your company move forward. Randstad attaches a lot of importance to not just attracting candidates, but supporting them throughout the application process so they're fully prepared to succeed in their new role. This is crucial to the human element at the heart of our brand strategy.

We also make sure that we know your business well, partly by looking at intangible factors like company culture to decide whether potential new recruits can not only do the job, but have the right personality traits to gel with their new colleagues and settle into the workplace. Our priority is to ensure that every candidate we place is a good fit for the job, the company and the manager they will be working under.

Ultimately, Randstad aims to develop close relationships with candidates and clients in order to gain an innate understanding of what placements will deliver the best results for all parties. 

2. personal service

A key element of Randstad's brand strategy is the concept of 'tech and touch'. This refers to our ambition to leverage the power of modern technology and gain maximum benefit from the latest innovations, without losing the human touch that is so important in the world of work.

The automation of tasks like reference checking and candidate pre-selection, for example, creates more time to focus on more important tasks like conducting in-depth interviews.

Balancing technology and the human touch is arguably more important today than it has ever been before, against the backdrop of rapid digital transformation and Industry 4.0. Indeed, the majority (87%) of employees now believe that technology has made the job search process less personal.

Randstad's focus on human engagement and a personalised, hands-on approach means we're able to deliver the highest standards of customer service. We work to understand your business needs and priorities, so we're well-prepared to support you at various points on your journey to success, and to optimise your HR and recruitment activities through technology.

3. achieving flexibility

Flexibility is a vital concept in the modern world of work, not only for employees who want more control over their jobs and careers, but also for employers who want to know they are only paying for the talent they need, when they need it.

This should be a priority for all organisations, in light of the uncertainty and broader financial concerns created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Achieving flexibility could also prove particularly relevant for businesses that are heavily affected by seasonal fluctuations in demand, or for those whose labour requirements depend on the number and type of projects they're engaged in at any given time. Effective flexible staffing solutions can prove crucial to the day-to-day operations and long-term success of these organisations. 

Building a truly flexible workforce - one that is adaptable and responsive to your company's needs, but also to the trends shaping your industry - is a difficult job to undertake on your own, especially if you have other demands on your time and resources.

Randstad specializes in analysing, understanding and fulfilling our clients' HR needs with maximum efficiency, helping to ensure you're not paying for labour you don't need or dealing with the fallout of rapid staff turnover, but also that you're not under-resourced at the most critical times. One way we do this is by connecting you to a pool of vetted candidates who are ready to work as soon as you need them.

4. reducing the burden on your shoulders

Having a dedicated HR partner on your side means you can stop worrying about the day-to-day tasks involved in managing a workforce and focus on the core activities that keep the business operational and profitable.

Randstad's knowledge of the latest hiring practices and HR technologies, for example, means we can take on the task of optimising our clients' recruitment and workforce planning processes, allowing them to focus on their high-value strategic goals. We provide tools like Youplan to give you more control over your workforce scheduling activities and the My Randstad app for easy communication.

Working with a specialist HR service provider can also reduce your overheads and help you improve key metrics like your average time to fill - valuable business benefits that every manager will appreciate.

5. a quality candidate experience

Randstad places a lot of emphasis on achieving high standards for the employers we work with, but we're also driven by the aim of delivering a high-quality candidate experience. We engage and build relationships with top talent, supporting people at every stage of their unique journeys, which contributes to a stronger understanding of what people want from their jobs and their employer.

This leads to positive outcomes for businesses too. If you're well-informed about what really matters to workers and how to keep them happy, you're in a better position to retain your top people and minimise the cost and disruption caused by staff turnover.

Furthermore, delivering a high-quality candidate experience will strengthen your employer brand, which will make it easier for you to attract niche and hard-to-find talent in the future. We can provide the necessary insights and understanding of the current labour market to help you fill your most challenging roles.

If your business has a lot to gain from optimising or reviewing your key HR processes, start a conversation with Randstad today to learn more about how we can help you.

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alison starmer
alison starmer

Alison Starmer

managing director client solutions

Alison is a sales leader with over 30 years' recruitment experience operating at senior management and director level. Proven success recruiting across a number of different sectors, growing businesses and markets organically through the development of high-performing teams. Specialities include Corporate Sales and Solutions, Bids and Proposals, MSP and RPO, Direct Delivery. Senior Stakeholder Relationship Management, Strategic and Key Account Development.