Pride Month looks a little different this year as physical UK celebrations are on hold or have been rescheduled in line with the latest govt guidelines for covid 19. Even though our LGBTQ+ community and allies can't paint the town red (orange, yellow, green… you get the idea) with flags, marches and festivals, this month we can all celebrate the feelings of pride and togetherness virtually. 

here’s 4 ways to celebrate pride month 2021 in your workplace.

educate and celebrate.

Why not host a lunch and learn to celebrate and promote LGBTQ+ history, the diversity of your people and highlight some of the important considerations and identities within the LGBTQ+ community. We’ve created this toolkit that will help you equip yourself and your employees with the knowledge to play your part in creating a more inclusive culture where everyone feels able to bring their whole self to work. Download it here.

virtual upgrade.

Bring your pride celebrations to your next meeting. Show your Pride with a Zoom background to add a bit of spice to your online celebrations and there’s nothing stopping you from keeping it up all the time, because why not! Another fun idea would be to create personalised email signatures that your employees can keep on their emails for the month of pride. 

Here are a few Randstad ready-made backdrops and email signatures as an example!


pride package.

If budget allows, why not send employees a Pride themed kit filled with glorious company swag that has been Pride-ifed! You can plan fun events based around these kits such as virtual pride happy hour and it’s a great way to get employees excited and involved by sharing Pride photos on social media channels. 

revisit your diversity policy.

Have you got a diversity policy and is it still relevant? Pride Month is the perfect time to review and make any changes to ensure it’s up to date. We've created this checklist, based on our own diversity policy, to help you find out how diverse your team is. Can you check all the boxes? If you can’t this is just meant to guide your thinking as you work on diversity.