No business sector has captured the imagination of people everywhere more than the IT and communications industry. In today’s highly digitised economy, there are few instances in which technology does not touch our lives. From organising our schedules to ordering food and groceries to delivering entertainment, it seems every task is just a swipe away. It’s no wonder the IT sector is a perennial favourite of workers everywhere.

The IT sector report follows the global Randstad Employer Brand Report (REBR) released earlier this year and uses data collected from 31 markets based on a survey of nearly 163,000 respondents.

sentiments positive despite disconnect

The latest Randstad Employer Brand Research IT sector report, now available, shows that sentiments toward the vertical remain highly positive, even though this year engineering has displaced the sector as the most attractive field among working-age adults. Even so, only two percentage points separate the two sectors. More importantly, those working in IT possess a keen sense of what they seek in an ideal employer, with nearly two-thirds (62%) saying good salaries and compensation are what they value most. But it’s not just financial considerations that attract them to an employer; a good work-life balance and long-term job security are nearly as important.

However, there is a significant disconnect between what is most valued versus how well their current employer delivers on these. When it comes to financial rewards, working-age adults in the IT sector rate their employer’s compensation packages near the bottom among the top 10 most important value propositions, resulting in greater job switching behaviour. A sign of the Great Resignation persisting, 24% of those working in these roles, as well as those in business administration in the sector, said they intend to change jobs in the first half of the year.

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