Sales managers are typically responsible for leading a team of sales executives and ensuring said team reaches all goals and targets. Sales manager roles can be found in a range of businesses varying in size, location and industries. The main responsibility of a sales manager is to increase company profit through margins through sales. 

Sales manager responsibilities: 

Sales manager responsibilities can vary depending on multiple aspects of their jobs. The main purpose of a sales manager is to ensure sales targets are being met, attract new business and to develop sales tactics. Though the job role can vary, day-to-day tasks will remain consistent between roles. These can include but are not limited to: 

  • Managing a sales team and any sales activities that may happen within the business. 
  • Understanding the company environment and business landscape and setting relevant targets and objectives for the team and perhaps the wider company to meet. 
  • Client and supplier visits
  • Attending networking events 
  • Team training
  • Cold calling and selling services and products 
  • Lead generation strategy creation
  • Admin and ad-hoc tasks

Sales manager characteristics: 

To be a successful sales manager you must have a range of characteristics to ensure you stand out from the rest. 

  • Communication skills are highlighted as important. Both written and verbal communication skills are needed as you will be communicating with a wide range of people varying from employees to clients to suppliers. 
  • Motivation skills. You must be able to motivate your team. Sales roles can be very stressful especially when there are high targets to be met. You must be able to motivate your team so they produce the best results possible.
  • Negotiator. A key part of your role will be negotiating sales, products and prices with clients, suppliers and distributors. 
  • Relationship management. Strong relationships can be an invaluable tool when working in sales. Relationships and loyalty with clients and distributors can gain favourable rewards such as exclusivity and special discounts. 
  • Analytical skills. Understanding the economic climate and being able to appropriately analyse the data, and understand where you can create opportunities and maximise profit is key to a sales managers’ success. 

Sales manager salary expectations

A sales manager’s salary can vary depending on the industry, location and size of your company. A sales manager basic salary can range from £20,000 - £50,000. However, commission and other sales incentives can boost your paypackage. 

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