what is an msp?

A Managed Service Provider manages worker recruitment for a business, responsible for the end-to-end management. From the supplier management to strategic workforce planning,  using a Managed Service Provider is one of the most cost-effective ways for your business to manage its workforce. 


what are the benefits of using an MSP?

  • Visibility
  • Agility
  • Cost savings
  • Scalability
  • Global reach
  • Compliance



A Managed Service Programme gives organisations complete visibility over their workforce. From temporary workers to consultants, freelancers to contractors, a Managed Service Provider utilises its expertise to hire the best talent for businesses. With the right working relationship, a Managed Service Programme relieves a company’s HR and talent acquisition functions from the complex task of managing a contingent workforce.


agility and cost savings.

Managed Service Providers are experts in attracting the right talent. With dedicated teams, we can find your business the right talent, at the right time. A Managed Service Provider’s experience makes it more agile to shifts in the market.



Your business may use seasonal staff. Finding a temporary workforce at scale can make or break a busy period. Trying to outfit an entire large-scale project like HS2 for example, or fill a labourer quota for a new property development can be impossible for some to manage. A Managed Service Provider can flatten out the highs and lows of contingent recruitment. The MSP’s team of experts ensures there will always be staff to fill jobs, even at the worst of times. 


global reach and compliance.

For a global brand or even large scale, a Managed Service Programme becomes vital and requires an equally global scale MSP to work with it. Luckily, Randstad is the number one HR services provider in the world with a stronghold in the construction, property, engineering and rail markets. Though a labourer in China ultimately performs the same role as a labourer in the UK, employment laws are different and these need to be understood.  


By using a global Managed Service Provider, the partnered business can draw from extensive knowledge of tax, labour and legislation in local markets. Your business is now in safe hands with large legal teams and employees dedicated to ensuring compliances are met. The MSP will shield your business from potential lawsuits taking the daily stresses away from yourself.  

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