why use a temp agency?

3 reasons why you should consider using a temporary recruitment agency:

  1. save valuable time 
  2. access specialist skills and experience for recruitment 
  3. candidate databases built up over years 

advantages of using a temp recruitment agency?

As an employer, you’ll want to fill your vacancies quickly and you want to know that you can trust the agency you’re using to find the right candidates. Especially with temporary staffing as the demand to fill the roles can be even greater than permanent hires. There are many recruitment agencies out there but only a few will have solid values in place or a wider understanding of people. By finding the right agency to recruit talent you know that you can reuse their services, safe in the knowledge that you have a relationship and are aware of the needs of the business. For this, you need to just pick one. 

Often hiring managers will resort to a scattergun approach, using as many recruiters as possible to fill a role and hope for the best. In a candidate-short, job-rich market your job offer needs to stand out from the crowd, and choosing a candidate should be treated the same way - the relationship must work both ways.

By using one recruitment agency for all your hiring needs you can benefit in the following ways:

quality applicants.

Randstad’s consultants have the ability to use all available resources i.e. job boards, social media, network connections etc, therefore, applicant quality can be vetted, shortlisted, confirmed and suited to whatever specific requirements once. 

thorough research and background checks.

Once a recruiter receives your approval, they will start researching the candidate, asking for suitable referrals and more information if required. Your job listing is prioritised because you have signed on to a relationship with your recruitment agency. Recruiters will look far deeper than the first few candidates that might be a quick answer for a business they have no relationship with. The recruiter will target candidates with specific sector skill sets and provide candidate and recruiter comments.

dedication to you.

The recruitment agency is responsible to secure you workers and their hard work is essential for maintaining the company reputation. This generally ensures a fully dedicated approach to finding the right workers so you will come back for future roles across the business. 

advantages of hiring temporary workers.

offering benefits.

For few, pay outweighs all other needs, but for most workers money isn’t everything and they will look for a range of benefits that can enhance their working and personal life. Randstad's 2021 Employer Brand Research report revealed that for the first time in seven years, work life balance has overtaken an attractive salary and benefits package as the most desired factor, when choosing an employer. 

At Randstad, we offer access to hundreds of discounts from large brands covering financial, health and wellbeing solutions for workers and their families, we call this the hapi app. In doing so we can offer more than just a paycheck and provide a reason to keep returning to work using our services continually. For a cyclical workforce, having addon benefits can act as a pull in the decision process of finding a new job that naturally grows and is nurtured into a brand trust. 

By positioning as a trusted employer with consistent reliable benefits and care for personal wellbeing, we can offer something that a salary cannot. Sometimes this may be something only that one worker cares or knows about, but to them, we are the only business that can meet that need.

In summary, offer more than what is expected and let the temporary workforce come to you.

saving time and money using a temp agency.

Employees need time off, a new project might require new staff quickly, and employers may not have to time to handle it all. Sometimes even, internal company resources may not be able to handle the hiring needs and the employer may wish to try out new workers before committing to a full-time role. 

Using a temp staffing agency alleviates these pressures on the business, allowing it to take on additional short term projects without adding to long term headcount while having the ability to downsize staff and overhead when the projects are finished.

hiring as a service.

Many companies will rely on hiring staff to do a job and offer a service by putting them on the payroll. Yet, by contracting an outside service such as a temp agency means that specialists can be swapped in and out as their skills are needed, without worrying about staffing figures or the additional admin. Many industries are realising that using a temp agency can be lucrative and efficient. 


Google relies on temp workers and contractors more than they rely on full-time employees. They have 121,000 temps and contractors and only 102,000 full-time employees.

The construction industry similarly are a fan of this business model. The size of a business needs to adapt to market conditions and job requirements. In order to be able to react to these changes, a temp workforce is ideal to quickly inflate or deflate numbers based on the number of jobs available or, like recently, there is a global pandemic causing demand and regulations to change. 

human resources.

Another side effect of recent years' cultural changes is the need for human resources to adapt to a whole new set of rules and regulations. Again in construction, you can survive with minimal staffing, but as we've seen of the volatile changes need to quickly scale up staffing to meet new demand of jobs.

This is where using a temp agency best benefits companies. You don't pay overhead on a temporary employment agency. They only get paid when you pay a worker. When you don't need their services, you're not paying anything. There's no such thing as keeping them on retainer. When you do need their services, you only pay when you end up hiring workers they've found for you.

If you are looking to hire your new temp workforce, Randstad is here to help.