how to build a recruitment strategy.

Without a secure recruitment strategy, your construction sites are unlikely to get the skills and talent they need at the right time, likely having knock-on effects along the way. We’ve laid out some expert tips to help prepare your business using the following shortcuts to success.

our top 4 tips to plan your recruitment strategy.

  1. analyse
  2. plan
  3. brand
  4. adapt


step one: analyse.

Workforce analytics is the process to which you audit your workers' performance. 

It’s best when designing a plan that will affect multiple sites to be able to rely and reflect on facts and figures. Creating an audit of your entire workforce allows you to numerically rate or categorise employees at a granular level. This positions you to highlight areas of the overall business across multiple sites where there might be a shortage of skills, providing an opportunity to move internal staff around or look to hire externally.

top tip:

Recruitment agencies are great at finding the right talent for the right job, years of experience develop a wealth of easy to pick candidates across a variety of skill-sets. It’s what we do, and we’re really good at it.


step two: succession pipeline.

Do you know who is going to replace the talent you have, your site managers, a key worker who knows specific details about a project?


Download our full guide here in an easy to digest PDF breaking down all 4 tips in detail.