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Before you start recruiting for a new accountant, it’s important to have a good sense of the accountancy job market and of current salary levels and expectations to make sure that your offer is competitive and compelling to candidates.

Unsung heroes in 2020, business accountants played a vital role in helping companies to navigate the economic pressures of the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite the increased necessity of strong accountancy support, our latest salary calculator research saw an average 3.5% dip in salary for the profession as a whole between September 2019 and September 2020. However, with a vaccine and recovery on the horizon, recovery seems likely as we progress into 2021.

To ensure you’re making appropriate salary offers to secure the best talent on the market, I've shared with you our latest findings on average salary bands for key accountancy roles, including part-qualified and newly qualified accounts, fund accountants and management accountants:

part-qualified and newly qualified accountants salaries.

what do part-qualified or newly qualified accountants do?

Part-qualified and newly qualified accountants are those who have earned some or all of their accountancy certificates.

These professionals are equipped with one of the most highly respected post-graduate qualifications from among the seven accountancy awarding bodies, whether that’s ICAEW, CAI, or ICAS.

Part- and newly qualified accountants are well-placed to complete a wide range of financial tasks for organisations across the country, whether they choose to work in-house for a specific business or in a dedicated accountancy practice.

what’s the average part-qualified or NQ accountant salary?

For those with one year’s experience, the average salary on offer is £30,190. The full band ranges from £29,700 on average for those with least experience up to £35,760 for the most more experienced candidates in this position.

management accountants salaries.

What do management accountants do?

management accountant’s role is to bring together accounting, finance and management to create financial reports which inform their organisation’s future growth, stability and profitability. The end goal for management accountants is to improve commercial profitability and growth.

what’s the average management accountant salary?

The average salary for a management accountant is £50,760. This ranges from an average salary of £45,900 in the lower quartile, up to £56,990 on average for the most experienced, but this can vary depending on the business and specific responsibilities of the position. 

management accountant salary
management accountant salary

fund accountants salaries.

what do fund accountants do?

Fund accountants manage all aspects of fund accounts for the institutions they work for. This could include creating financial reports, overseeing transactions, and tracking yields and interest.

Serving as the conduit between clients (usually investment managers and fund investors) and their employers, fund accountants empower business administrators to make well-informed decisions about their funds and assets.

What’s the average fund accountant salary?

Currently, the average fund accountant salary in the UK is £47,420 for individuals with around 5 years' experience. The range extends from £41,230 in the lowest percentile to an average of £61,470 for the most experienced.

fund accountant salary
fund accountant salary

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