The results of the largest independent employer branding survey in the world, starts this evening.

The Randstad Award is an annual award granted to the most attractive employer in various countries, as perceived by the working and non-working population. A representative sample (7,000 respondents per country) are invited to participate in the survey via online interviews. Respondents are first asked to pick the companies they know from a random list that includes the 150 of the largest companies in the country. Next, they indicate whether they would like to work for these companies. Finally, they evaluate each selected company on 10 factors that have been derived from 12 years of Randstad Award experience. These factors determine the perception of the employer brand. The survey period is August to December.

This year the Randstad Award survey has been conducted in 14 Randstad countries across the globe, including the UK. On the 15th March six European countries (Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, France and Poland) will announce their Randstad Award winners at their special Randstad award events during a live link up. The winners will be communicated on The UK results are out in the next fortnight.