the challenge.

At the height of the pandemic, Randox had established its effective PCR tests aimed at helping the world return to some form of normality. Having set up nearly 40 travel centres across the UK and Ireland,  the company was helping reconnect loved ones by enabling people to travel abroad and was supporting global organisations to get back to business.

As the virus continued to spread, the demand for testing increased exponentially.  In a matter of weeks at just one travel centre, Randox staff went from testing hundreds of people daily to delivering 3,000 tests within less than 24 hours.

The people at Randox, who were making this testing possible went above and beyond to do what they could. But the pressure on minimal and overstretched staff was being felt, with some employees working 18-hour days to ensure those who needed a test received one. 

So, while their innovative testing was working to help save thousands of lives,  the staff ratio was not sustainable. Randox needed to grow its workforce - and fast - to keep up with the demand for testing. And that’s where our Randstad team came in.

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Zoe MacGregor

zoe macgregor

Internal Talent Acquisition Partner - Health and Social Care and Education

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the solution.

Although their innovative testing was working as intended, the staff-to-patient ratio needed to become more sustainable. Randox needed to grow quickly to keep up with the increasing demand for testing.

With our recruitment support, Randox scaled up at speed and was able to overcome its supply-and-demand challenge. They were supported to hire more than 1,000 employees in less than two years, reaching a headcount of over 3,300 passionate people, all dedicated to saving lives worldwide.

the result.

Randox faced the immense challenge of growing its workforce quickly and efficiently to continue its critical work in global health. With time pressures mounting, at Randstad, we stepped in to help, handling all sourcing, interviews and screenings.

Four of our Randstad account managers qualified 574 candidates, interviewed 191 people, and placed 60 temporary candidates within Randox. And they sourced and placed five people into permanent clinical roles. All candidates were carefully screened to ensure they had the right skills and abilities, before being put on the payroll.


With Randstad as its partner, Randox continues to work tirelessly to improve global health.

Our reach, experience and expertise ensured we were well-placed at Randstad to take on the significant challenge of handling candidate attraction, interviews, and screening to meet the challenge our client was facing. That freed up valuable time and resources for Randox during the height of the pandemic. This was only possible due to the dedicated and motivated team, efficient operations, and the sheer reach of Randstad as a global recruitment and HR provider.

With our efforts, Randox was able to focus on what they do best: improving diagnostics and testing, positively impacting people’s health, and ultimately saving lives.

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